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Yoga Conditions The Mind, Body And Soul

Posted by Oze Parrot on 29th March 2006

Mention the word “Yoga” and the mind conjures up an image of a bewhiskered person, sitting on a rice mat in a trance like state and adopting an asana pose.

Yogi at YogaThe art of Yoga was founded in India and has been practiced there for thousands of years as a means of getting closer to God. While having deep spiritual connotations, Yoga Conditions The Mind, Body And Soul allowing each to be nurtured by meditation, exercise and rhythmic breathing patterns

Hindus use Yoga as a means of enlightenment, it is an integral part of their religion and it has been embraced by other religions as a spiritual ritual. Hatha Yoga has been widely accepted by the western world as a form of relaxation that Conditions The Mind, Body And Soul through the use of gentle exercises, rhythmic breathing and thought stimulation.

Yoga is practiced in the hope of freeing oneself from worldly suffering, mastering the Mind, Body and Soul, and becoming independent of material desires. The yogis ultimate aim is to reach an enlightened state that is above and beyond his worldly existence, a state of eternal peace.

For the average person, who is yet to be enlightened, yoga is a way to positively increase one’s spiritual awareness and cultivate their powers of perception. Yoga, because of it’s substantial connections with Hinduism, is regarded as a religion. However, many advocates claim that yoga is not a religion in itself, but contains practical steps that will benefit people of all religions, as well as those who do not consider themselves to be religious.

Some historians believe that Yoga was being practiced five thousand years B.C. however, there are written accounts of yoga appearing in the Rig Veda which some historians have dated at around 4,000 B.C. while other experts have estimated that the Rig Veda could have originated in 1,2000 B.C.

While we are not certain when Yoga originated, what we do know is, that it’s practice has been in existence for thousands of years.

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