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Health Insurance – An Off Shore Policy

Posted by Oze Parrot on 3rd November 2007

If you like to travel abroad regularly for a short holiday or an extended sight seeing tour, as I do, then whatever you do, make sure that you are adequately covered by an International Health Insurance Policy. Unfortunately, the Health Insurance Policy that you may have contributed to for many years, will not cover you while you are Off Shore.

Global HealthWe are all well aware of the spiraling costs of goods and services in our home countries, just be reminded of the fact that these cost increases are also occurring in all other countries throughout the world. Health care services are no exception.

Generally, when people plan their vacation abroad, they don’t consider that a family member may become ill or be injured in an accident while travelling overseas. One may consider that An Off Shore Health Insurance Policy is unnecessary and costly, but should the need arise, without Health Insurance urgent medical attention may not be forthcoming. And certainly, staying in an overseas hospital for a week or two, could cost thousands of dollars.

There are many Health Insurance Policies that are available to the traveller which provide Off Shore cover for up to six months. I find that the application forms are quite intrusive, as you are required to divulge all of your medical history, as well as that of all of your family members, for at least the past ten years.

You would be well advised to choose An Off Shore Health Insurance Policy wisely as the services provided by various policies are quite diverse. You will need to choose a policy that gives you adequate cover for accident injury, minor medical services as well as full hospital cover in the event of serious illness.

If you are planning on an extensive tour overseas, that is of six months or more, then you will need to take out an expatriate Health Insurance Policy. A policy of this nature is quite expensive and the cost will vary with the length of the Policy and the type of services that are covered as well as the number of family members that are to be included.

Don’t consider Health Insurance as a luxury or an unnecessary expense. The cost of An adequate Off Shore Health Insurance Policy is insignificant compared to the cost of minor or extensive medical services in a foreign country.

For further information visit our website: Better Health Insurance

Oze Parrot :-)

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Health Insurance Policy With Dental Cover

Posted by Oze Parrot on 2nd November 2007

When taking out a comprehensive Health Insurance Policy, most people fail to provide coverage for any Dental services, mainly because of the extra cost involved. Nearly all Health Insurance Policies contain a provision for varying degrees of Dental services, that range from regular Dental check ups to extensive bridgework procedures.

Dental CareOf course, the charges that are added to your Health Insurance Policy for the addition of Dental Cover, are directly related to the type of Dental services that your Health Insurer will provide. The extra cost that is involved in having any type of Dental coverage is a pittance compared to the Dental charges that one could incur, should one need major Dental treatment.

The consensus of opinion among a certain percentage of the population is that taking care of one’s teeth requires no more than brushing, flossing and taking a daily fluoride tab. Visits to the dentist are distasteful and should only be practiced when one is suffering the nagging pain of a severe toothache.

This train of thought is completely wrong and should be dispelled at the first opportunity. Regular Dental checkups are a necessity, if not only, to detect the early stages of any tooth disease but also to have your teeth professionally cleaned and polished on a regular basis to prevent tooth decay and gum infection.

The early detection of gum infection, tooth decay and dental diseases can prevent these maladies from being transmitted to other parts of your body. Don’t forget, you eat your food with your teeth and bad teeth can infect the food that you pass into your body, therefore, infecting all other parts of your body.

From adopting these thoughts, one can readily see that the addition of a Dental plan to one’s regular Health Insurance Policy is most beneficial. Your Health is your greatest asset and it is essential that you get the very best Health cover for yourself and your family.

In the event of an emergency, do you consider your teeth to be any less important than a finger or a toe?

For further information visit our website:  Better Health Insurance

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Health Insurance and Unemployment

Posted by Oze Parrot on 2nd November 2007

The unemployed can be severely disadvantaged when they are in need of medical services. In a lot of instances, an unemployed person will be required to pay for the needed service before treatment is provided. If they don’t have the money to put up front, then they don’t get treated.

Ambulance ThumbFor This reason alone, it is necessary for people that become redundant to maintain their Health Insurance policy. Not only that, being unemployed is not the end of the world, however not being able to care for your Health or for your family’s Health, may result in devastating consequences.

Imagine, what would happen in the event of a serious accident, or worse still, one of your loved ones was struck down with a debilitating disease. The medical costs involved could financially ruin your family, and with no Health Insurance, what ever services were provided, would only be basic.

Certain employees, on becoming redundant, may be eligible to continue paying their Health Insurance through their employers group plan. Cobra, The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, gives employees and their families who lose their health benefits the right to choose to continue group health benefits provided by their group health plan.

Otherwise, there are many avenues to explore where one can find an affordable Health Insurance scheme. Searching the Internet will enable you to find many Health Insurance brokers that will readily put an affordable Health Insurance policy forward, for you to examine. Take advantage of these free services and find a suitable Health care policy that you can afford.

Finding oneself unemployed, particularly in midlife, is a traumatic experience in it’s self, coupled with the fact that you can no longer afford to keep up the payments on your Health Insurance policy, then your outlook of the future is pretty bleak.

Fortunately, in this day and age, there are many alternatives for the disadvantaged to choose from, they can find Health Insurance that is affordable. Even a basic Health Insurance policy is better than no policy.

Your Health is your most valuable asset. Rich or poor, can you afford to neglect your Health?

For further information visit our website:  Better Health Insurance

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Health Essential – An Adequate Health Insurance Policy

Posted by Oze Parrot on 1st November 2007

Generally, Insurance is considered as a necessary cost of living that must be incurred, in order to protect us against the enormous costs that could arise in the event of a house fire, an auto theft or accident.

Urgent Medical ServiceCertain individuals, particularly the healthy ones, that seldom need a doctors services, consider that Health Insurance is totally unnecessary. These people don’t realise that unforeseen circumstances could arise, like an accidental injury or a breakdown in their Health that could present them with huge medical bills that may financially ruin them.

An Adequate Health Insurance Policy would most certainly bring peace of mind to a person, if such an emergency did arise. Your Health Insurance will cover the costs of regular checkups, which in certain cases, could be a preventative measure that would help you to avoid an illness or disease. This, of course, may save you from undergoing a distressing sickness and losing time from your work.

Without any Health Insurance cover, one is not so inclined to have regular Health checks, this could have serious consequences as early detection can prevent the development of most ailments.

Hospital and medical costs have risen steadily over the past decade, and are continuing to increase at an alarming rate. Minor surgery procedures are extremely expensive and major elective surgery can cost many thousands of dollars. An emergency medical procedure or the onset of a crippling disease that entails staying in a hospital for weeks or even months can lead to financial ruin.

If a person is without Health Insurance there are certain hospitals that will not allow patients to be discharged until their bills are settled. Don’t let this happen to you.

Having An Adequate Health Insurance Policy is a Health Essential. It will ensure that you are in top-notch health, which will improve your quality of life and it can ultimately save you money. Personal Health is your most important possession. People readily accept that they must insure their homes and their autos because they are valuable possessions. Don’t you consider that your Health is even more valuable?

For further information visit our website:  Better Health Insurance

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Finding a Better Health Insurance Policy

Posted by Oze Parrot on 13th April 2006

One of our essential cost of living expenses, these days, is for our Health Insurance Policy. Every one of us needs a Health Insurance cover of some kind. The combined costs, that are associated with hospitalization, surgery and medication are way beyond the means of the average citizen.

StethoscopeDepending on the provider, Better Health Insurance Policy premiums vary in price according to, the range of services offered and the options that are provided. To source an affordable Policy that is tailored for your particular needs you need to shop around for quotes or engage an Insurance broker to acquire the best deal.

A worker can generally take out Health Insurance cover through his employer, this arrangement is not only convenient, but also, the most cost effective. Employee Health Insurance premiums are, either partially or totally, tax deductible for the Employer which enables the employer to pass on some concession to his employees.

This leaves the self employed and unemployed to seek a Better Health Insurance Policy by shopping around for affordable and suitable quotes. Preferred Provider Organizations are by far the most popular choice for Americans who are searching for flexible and affordable Health Cover plans.

More than 148 million Americans are enrolled in a PPO program, which equates to about 61 percent of people with Health Insurance Policies, choose to receive their Health care services through a PPO system. Preferred Provider Organizations have given the public the services that they demand, that is flexibility, the ability to choose your own Health care provider and an affordable Policy.

Searching for a Better Health Insurance quote is a very time consuming task and may seem futile, if this is the case you would be well advised to engage the services of a Health Insurance broker.

There are many of these services available, their charges are reasonable and they will save you a lot of time by providing you with the most suitable Health Insurance Policy for you needs.

For further information visit our website at: Better Health Insurance

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