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Symptoms, causes and remedies for Hepatitis

Hepatitis In Humans

Posted by Oze Parrot on 25th September 2006

Hepatitis is a liver disease that is caused by any one of several Hepatitis viruses. Any of the viruses, named hepatitis A, B, C, D, or E virus, attacks the liver, causing it to become enlarged and to malfunction.

Hepatitis A virusThe liver is one of the body’s most important organs. It helps the body by secreting bile that aids in the digestion of food, it stores energy and purifies our blood by removing poisons as the blood circulates through the liver.

The characteristic symptoms of Hepatitis include: feeling lethargic, an increase in body temperature, loss of appetite, a sense of depression, a yellowish taint to the skin and eye whites (jaundiced appearance) as well as thick, dark yellow urine and pinkish colored bowel motions.

However, there are certain people that contract Hepatitis and do not display any symptoms. These people can infect others, the only method of detection of the disease, for them, is through a blood test. In most cases, persons that become infected with Hepatitis will completely recover and their liver will not be permanently damaged.

There is no known cure for Viral Hepatitis, it is one of those viruses that must run it’s course. Mind you, once one has become infected with a strain of Hepatitis, there are certain measures that must be taken to assist the body in overcoming the Virus.

Once a Hepatitis Infection has been confirmed by a doctor then the infected person must have complete rest and perform only minimal exercise. It is also essential that an infected person totally abstain from alcohol.

Being infected with the Hepatitis Virus, the liver is not functioning correctly, and therefore. it cannot purify the blood completely of alcohol. Ultimately, this will cause fibrous tissue to replace functional cells in the liver, which will lead to cirrhosis of the liver, a chronic disease that results in death.

As one’s appetite has been lost, it is recommended that infected persons drink plenty of fluids, particularly fruit juices that have a high vitamin content.

Under the guidance of a health care professional, an infected person’s blood is regularly monitored until the virus has passed. Generally this takes between three and six months.

Extreme physical activity during the course of the infection will extend the recovery period.

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