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Another Beta Service From Google

Posted by Oze Parrot on 23rd November 2005

A tremendous resource for Google Adsense publishers is the
Inside Adsense blog. This is published directly by the Adsense
team, it contains updates on Adsense changes, profiles of the
team members, case studies of successful sites and tips for
maximizing your Adsense revenue.
It will also give you a glimpse of the human side of this gigantic enterprise :-)

Google Adsense Logo
Make sure you sign-up for their mailing list as well so you get immediate alerts to posts. Naturally they will not spam you :-)

Look for the entry about the addition of the “Advertise On This Site” link and page customization that you can do.

Google has also launched another beta service, Google Base.
Google Base lets you submit your contents to Google’s database.

What is Google Base?

Got something you want the world to see? Google Base is Google’s database into which you can easily submit all types of content. We’ll host your content and make it searchable online.

What kind of items can you put into Google Base?

  • Description of your products or service service
  • Current articles on your blog or website
  • List your garage sale
  • Promote your affiliate links
  • Everybody can use Google Base.

    If you have some information that you want to share, use Google Base, or if you have products that you wish to promote but you don’t have a website, Google Base will host your promotion for you, at no cost.

    Sign up for your free Google Account And learn more about Google Base

    Oze Parrot :-)

    Niche Hunter

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