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Your Chair’s Frame Construction

Posted by Oze Parrot on 17th February 2006

Most Office Chairs, these days, are fully adjustable and allow the user to adjust the seat, armrests, back, and height, so as to prevent repetitive strain injuries and back pain associated with sitting for long periods of time. The added benefit is that one type of chair will suit a variety of people, although it may not suit everybody.

Office ChairThe materials used in the Frame Construction of an Office Chair play an important part in the performance and life of the Chair. The choice of steel, wood, aluminum, or composite material framing will depend on the intended use of the chair. All are generally durable frames, but steel and wood ( particularly oak and cherry) have an edge when it comes to heavy work use and durability.

Choice of framing materials also depend on the weight of the individual that will be using the chair, a heavier person will need the strength of steel or wood Construction. Before choosing an Office Chair, always check on the weight-rating of the chair to make sure that is suitable for your needs.

Pneumatic and ratchet adjustments are available on most executive and task chairs. The pneumatically adjusted chairs are the easiest to operate for efficient, individual height adjustments. Be sure to check the weight-rating of the pneumatic adjustments. For those who exceed the pneumatic adjustment weight-ratings, ratchet adjustment chairs are generally preferable.

Ergonomic options are available on a wider range of seating styles, but are most common on “task chairs.” These options include pneumatic gas lift, swivel and tilt control, height and arm adjustments, and adjustable back height and angle.

Remember – prices of Office Chairs will depend on the Frame Construction, type of Chair, seat materials, and ergonomic options.

Before selecting new Chairs for yourself or your employees, always test the Chair thoroughly before you make a decision to purchase.
Arrange for your employees to visit the store and have them sit in the Chair for a lengthy period. Take notice of any remarks that your employees may make and ascertain that there are no hidden sources of discomfort.

There’s no point in buying new Office Chairs that are not suitable for your needs. It’s not very nice to have to sit in a Chair all day that is not really comfortable.

Further information can be found on our website: Chair Hunter

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Office Chairs: The Most Popular Brands

Posted by Oze Parrot on 3rd December 2005

If you spend many hours sitting in front of a computer or at your desk what could be better than having a comfortable chair to sit in?

And if that chair happens to be ergonomically designed, padded with some of the new zero gravity materials so that there is no pressure points on your, bottom or thighs, well then, that is just pure comfort.

Did you know that sitting actually puts 50% more stress on your back than standing? Surprising but true. And it also appears that traditional office chairs are one of the leading causes of discomfort and back pain.

So, although price may be a consideration, if you spend a great deal of time seated at your desk, your long term comfort and health should be of prime importance. In the long run the price of a good office chair is cheaper than doctor bills and x-rays. Just like a good bed, a good chair should be viewed as a rock-solid investment.

Here are some of the more popular brands that are available:

  • Herman Miller
  • Features a very large variety of models and special designs in office desk chairs, includes highly adjustable chairs at $839, fully upholstered from $1049 to $1394; and shell back from $952 to $1295. Free shipping

  • Humanscale
  • A revolutionary form-sensing mesh technology that is unlike any other chair of it’s kind. Has body-fitting contours and offers perfect lumbar support for everyone without manual adjustments. Also offers 3 different top quality leather chairs. Price range $299 – $749

  • BodyBilt
  • Features intensive-use seating 24/7/365 such as around-the-clock call centers require. There is the Big-and-Tall design, Petite Task, S-t-r-e-t-c-h models for extra tall users, and more. The use of air chambers and memory foam in the seat cushions eliminates sitting pressure.

  • Neutral Posture
  • Only woman-owned seating manufacturer in the U.S., and the leader in ergonomic seating. Uniquely designed desk chairs combine pressure-reducing seat and back contours and a specialized upholstery process. Up to 14 active ergonomic features for maximum adjustability, supports the neutral body posture.

  • BackSaver
  • BackSaver has created products that provide the key to comfort and complete adjustability. Sloped seat cushion with Wonder-Foam padding. Anatomically correct backsaver design with removable tailbone insert. Reduces back pain and muscle pressure. $1195 to $1495.

  • Posture Right
  • Available at Costco. The Posture Right seat is built with impeccable quality to satisfy the most discerning posterior. The road can often be bumpy, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Prices start in the lower range at $239 and go up to $919

  • KneelSit
  • Unique ergonomic chair design based on years of research lets you sit for hours without back pain. The only computer chair with the unique Swivel-Axle design. An incredibly comfortable computer chair. 60 day Money back Guarantee and 15-year warranty. Standard chair: $750, with black leather upholstery: $900. Free Delivery.

  • Tempur-Pedic
  • The seat and back of the chair are padded with the famous Tempur-Pedic memory foam and is upholstered in a 4-way stretch fabric that improves the feel and comfort of the chair. Office desk chairs $559, Fabric $719, Black leather Kneeling Chair $191. Free shipping.

    In order to select the correct office chair for you or your staff you should be prepared to spend a good deal of time checking a range of selected brand name office chairs.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    Office Chairs: The Aeron Office Chair

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 29th November 2005

    In most large offices there are workers that spend their days on their feet and move about, while others are confined to a desk.
    The folk that sit for most of the day are usually envied by the ones who are on their feet all day, as the people who sit at a desk are considered lucky.

    Having to sit in a chair all day is not as good as it seems, in fact it can be a curse in certain circumstances.

    If your are one of those who are trapped at a desk every day and come home with maladies such as backache, leg cramps, RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome, then you may not be so lucky as to have a chair that suits you.

    Studies have shown that an ergonomic chair reduces days off work, boosts productivity and reduces unnecessary breaks. On the other hand not all ergonomic chairs are built alike. A good ergonomic office chair should come with certain features such as:

  • Adjustable Arms
  • Natural genuine leather upholstery
  • Provide total comfort while performing repetitive tasks in front of a computer
  • Styling and firm lumbar support
  • Extra large cushioned seat
  • Adjustable tilting tension
  • Seat can be locked in an upright or tilted position
  • Knowing these facts, your office has just bought ergonomic chairs for everyone and, come Monday, you walk in and dream of spending great days in the office from now on.

    As the days go by you notice that even though you have adjusted the lumbar support to suit you, you still have back pain.

    Not to mention the discomfort at the end of the day due to sweating caused by the vinyl chair covering. Possibly, you may have been better off with the fabric covered one that your colleague next to you has chosen, but then you realize that you have always been allergic to dust and those seats tend to accumulate dust very quickly.

    You discover that one of the company’s other offices has also updated their office chairs and the new chairs have been applauded by the staff. They have been provided with Aeron chairs that use “PostureFit technology” and ergonomic mesh.

    You speak to the boss, informing him that to reduce stress on the back you need to take the weight off your back and onto your legs. This is where the “PostureFit” comes into play. By supporting the pelvis and base of the spine it allows a person to sustain a forward position without any adverse effects on the back. The Aeron Chair does just that.

    As every one is not of the same high and weight, the chair needs to adapt to people of all sizes and shapes, ensuring comfort throughout the entire work day. Features such as: a custom fitted lower back support below the belt line and a high, contoured back makes for healthier posture and less stress during the work day.

    As your boss was looking at you square in the eye and you not knowing if he was sold or not you remember that he has previously mentioned experiencing lower leg pain while sitting for long stretches of time in his executive chair. Swiftly you pointed out that all Aeron chairs have waterfall front edge which reduces pressure under the thighs allowing for improved circulation, and with wide, soft armrests sloped in the front it also reduces carpal tunnel syndrome.

    He was sold. A phone call was made to the supplier and the following Monday every one had an Aeron chair. For a few days you were the hero of the office. This could truly be your story, if you do not have an Aeron chair at work bring these facts to your boss and be the office hero.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    Office Chairs: A Wooden Office Chair

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 21st November 2005

    Another option for your office chair is the wooden office chair; some of these chairs are available with upholstery options, as well as ergonomic adjustments.

    Wooden Office Chair
    All wood chairs are one more option for you to consider. These are sometimes referred to as banker’s chairs. Usually, there are fewer adjustments available; height is sometimes the only adjustment.

    The same considerations about fitting the chair to the individual mentioned previously apply here. Unless you are going to use a cushioned seat pad, the contour of the edge of the seat must not be too hard.

    All wood chairs tend to be more durable, there is no upholstery to wear out, or padding to compress, and with a minimum of care will last many years.

    Here are a few recommendations that will enable you to prolong the life of your wooden office chairs:

  • Do not place too close to heat sources, which could lead to excessive dryness.
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, which may damage the finish.
  • Dust frequently with a soft cloth, and clean according to manufacturers directions.
  • Wax or polish the chair occasionally. (Do not wax urethane finished woods, as this will increase the amount of dust it attracts.)
  • Used office chairs are often available on the market and a price of 60-80% below retail value is not unusual.
    Doing the rounds of the second hand shops could lead you to a substantial saving on your purchase of quality furniture.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    Office Chairs Prices and Buyer’s Guide

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 17th November 2005

    There are chairs, suitable for your office needs, that are quality products and priced so as not to break your budget.

    Getting quotes or tenders, or just shopping around is a critical stage of finding out where to buy the most suitable seating for your needs, at the right price.

    You can waste money by buying cheap, poor quality products or, on the other hand, by buying good quality office chairs at an inflated price.

    Here are some examples of a variety of office chairs, available today.

    “Executive Seating” – can range in price from $90 to well over $1,000. Depending on your personal taste, a suitable, executive style chair can be found for $400 to $600.

    “Task Seating” – can range from $40 to $350.
    Again the price depends on your personal requirements, but you will have to pay around $75 for something that is adequate and maybe $150 for better quality items.

    “Managers Seating” – I would expect that you will pay at least $200 and up to $500 for suitable, good quality Manager style, office chairs.

    “Guest Seating” – can range from $40 to $180. Depending on your needs, the lower end of the price range may be just as suitable as the upper.

    “Breakroom Seating” can be served by stacking chairs or steel folding chairs. Stay away from the aluminum framed, vinyl seated and backed folding chairs as they have very low weight-ratings. In quantities, usually of 100+, steel folding chairs can be priced as low as $9.92 each. Individually, they can run from $21-$29.

    Many merchants will provide a discount for bulk purchasers, so always ask for a concession on your multiple orders.

    There are various types of seat covering materials available and you will need to choose what is best for your needs.

    Leather is a marvelous option for executive and guest seating in the executive office. It exudes quality and style, lasts a long time, is easy to keep clean, and molds to the body for greater comfort. Leather, however, is not so comfortable in a non-air conditioned office.

    Fabric covers are appropriate for areas where staining isn’t an issue and are more comfortable than leather in a room without air conditioning.
    Fabric is a good covering for “task seating,” and “guest seating” in public areas.

    Microfiber covers have the look and feel of suede and are easily cleaned as well as extremely durable. Typically, microfiber covering is a good, cost effective alternative to leather and gives a quality look to the office setting. Its durability and lesser cost also lends itself to an appropriate option for “task seating.”

    “Mesh and matrex” seats are fabric covered with mesh which allows for greater “breathing” of the body while seated, allowing for greater comfort. It’s an excellent option for “managers and task seating.”

    Your choice of frame construction is also important and depends upon your needs and personal taste.

    The decision on steel, wood, aluminum, or composite material framing will depend on the intended use of the chair. All are generally durable frames, but steel and wood (oak and cherry especially) have an edge when it comes to heavy work use and durability.

    Decisions on framing materials also depend on the weight of the persons that will be using the chair, heavier persons need the strength of steel or wood construction.
    Always check the weight-rating of a chair before making your decision.

    Pneumatic and ratchet adjustments are available on most executive and task chairs. The pneumatically adjusted chairs are the easiest to operate for efficient, individual height adjustments. Be sure to check the weight-rating of the pneumatic adjustments. For those who exceed the pneumatic adjustment weight-ratings, ratchet adjustment chairs are generally preferable.

    Ergonomic options are available on a wider range of seating styles, but are most common on “task chairs.” These options include pneumatic gas lift, swivel and tilt control, height adjustment arms, and adjustable back height and angle.

    Remember that prices of office chairs will depend on the frame construction, type of chair, seat materials, and ergonomic options.

    When purchasing chairs for yourself or your employees, always have the seats tested, by sitting on them for a reasonable period of time. This will enable you to determine if there are any irregularities in the chair that will make your working hours uncomfortable.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    Office Chairs: A Guide to Buying a Set

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 14th November 2005

    Furnishing an office is an exercise in patience and a challenge for the pocketbook. There is, perhaps, no more difficult furniture buying exercise than that of purchasing the right chairs for your office.

    It might seem quite simple to buy office chairs, but if you haven’t done your homework, there’s a good chance that your buying experience won’t be so simple.

    Far from being “that simple”, there’s also a better than even chance that you won’t get the right chairs at the right price and that you will waste your hard-earned cash in the process.

    Here are some ideas to help you discover what your office chair needs might be, so that you can purchase the appropriate types of chairs needed to furnish your office and enhance your employees overall productivity.

    First of all, decide what types of chairs you’re going to need for your office. A pressing concern for purchasing multiple office chairs is that each type of chair may serve a different purpose.

    Furniture manufacturers and dealers use category names such as “Executive Seating,” “Task Seating,” “Traditional Seating,” “Custom Seating,” “Managers’ Seating” and “Guest Seating.”

    Each of these categories is broken down further into frame and material construction categories. Steel, wood, and aluminum are all frame construction materials.

    Microfiber, fabric, leather, and “mesh and matrex” are seat covering materials.

    Are you going to need executive chairs, desk chairs, task chairs, or guest chairs? If so, how many?
    Who, in your business, needs which particular type of seating?

    Then you must consider, whether or not you will receive visitors or customers in your office and, if so, What type of chair will you have in your office to accommodate these people?
    What type of seating will you put in your reception area?
    How many seats will you need in these areas?

    You also must consider what types of chairs and how many, that you will need to furnish the lunch or recreation room?
    Would simple, steel folding chairs serve adequately and inexpensively in this setting or do you need a more elaborate setting?

    As you can see, buying multiple office chairs requires some homework. Determining the specific needs for your office seating is a critical exercise before you go shopping.
    Doing this will accomplish a few very important things:

    You will get the correct chairs for their intended purposes.

    Productivity will remain high and job stress will be minimized

    Your costs will be minimized because you’ll have only what you need to get the job done, keep your employees happy, your customers comfortable, and your furniture serviceable for a long time.

    One final note.

    After you’ve determined the extent of your “office chair” needs, and go shopping. Have in hand a complete, detailed list of what you need including numbers of each type of seating, an idea of the preferred construction, style, and materials for each type of seating, and your budget.

    Then visit a number of quality office furniture businesses in your area. Get a feel for the material, construction, quality, and availability of the furniture you want. You may need to have your employees try out certain chairs to see how they “fit,” as this is critical to their overall productivity.

    Price out the quantity and styles of office chairs you wish to purchase. Find out if the store gives a quantity discount on the total number of chairs purchased, not just specific styles.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    Office Chairs: How to Buy Pre-owned

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 10th November 2005

    Buying a good quality, comfortable office chair these days is not for the faint hearted.
    There were times, really the good old days, when one would ask the friendly neighborhood carpenter to fashion a nice comfortable chair for you.
    Options would be limited to oak, rosewood, and maybe teak.

    Desk ChairThese days it’s a different story by far. Not only will you have to deal with frightening terms like ergonomics and height-weight ratios but also you will be spoilt for choice. If you become confused, you are only mortal. If you flee, you are normal.

    And now if you wish to purchase a used office chair, heaven help you. You will need to answer probing questions about your daily habits, purpose of buying the chair and what-not, even before you manage to get a glimpse of that chair.

    The huge variety of office chairs available on the market today will leave many people in a state of confusion when they first begin their search for a suitable unit.
    Here are some quick, but comprehensive, pointers on how to buy a used office chair, that may save you some time and money.

    Run a background check on any chair that you are interested in, before you make a purchase.

    Find out who has been using the chair before it became available for resale. Determine whether it was a high profile heavy weight office star who clocked 16 hour days, 7 days a week in the chair, or a flimsy, 7 stone girl who previously used the chair for only a couple of hours a day.

    You really don’t want a chair that has weakened springs, swivels creaking and rickety arm rests, even though it might have genuine leather and looks comfortable.

    Try getting a chair that has been sparingly used, well cared for and is not within an inch of its grave.

    Get Professional Help.

    Cultivate a friendship with a furniture salesman and ask him to help you choose a good quality chair. Even after paying him commission you will probably save a lot of time and possibly a few dollars.

    Fix Your Budget

    Everyone wants the real rosewood, genuine leather chairs that make you feel like the CEO of your company.
    Instead, focus on the more boring aspects of the purchase, like the type of usage the chair will get, your budget and the number of daily hours you will be sitting on the chair.

    Understand Ergonomics.

    Rule of thumb is that you must consider your height, weight, and purpose of buying the chair before you purchase one.
    Buy a swivel chair with adjustable armrests and variable back support.
    A high-back chair with wheels is required for those who have to shuffle between terminals and projects.

    Do a Test Run

    Sit on the chair for some time before you make your final decision. The chair may have a problem that is not apparent until after you sit on it for a while.

    Factors like aesthetics should be considered least of all, when making a final decision.
    Prudence, common sense and patience are your best allies when you go hunting for a used office chair.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    Ergonomic Leather Office Chairs, when comfort counts

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 8th November 2005

    Ergonomic furniture has been much more than a fashion statement in the past few decades, and for the office-based consumer who is concerned about prevention, or the amelioration of a painful back or joint condition, then ergonomics is the way to go.

    Your Chair
    Your ChairA passing fad – no. Even NASA has partnered BodyBilt by contributing towards the design of the ergonomically-correct line of control comfort office chairs. BodyBilt’s extensive portfolio of multinational clients are most impressed by their range of seating solutions for the average worker that sits for prolonged periods of time.

    Ergonomic art – yes! The top-of-the-line pioneering design by Herman Miller Aeron is actually featured in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. For the consumer, however, ‘The Aeron’ is popular for its adjustability of lumbar depth and height, tilt tension, seat-pan angle, seat height, armrest angle and height, and even has a twelve-year warranty! Inexpensive? Well, no.

    The “Steelcase Leap” (basic model) won Best Overall of five models tested by The Wall Street Journal. If leather is of interest to you, their “Coach Edition” may be for you. The “Humanscale Freedom” and “Neutral Posture” are also favourites among consumer aficionados who are willing to sacrifice price for quality.

    Some less-expensive office chairs are not well built, and some have been known to create injury. Experts suggest that consumers are much better off spending more money on a quality chair that will last, whilst giving the required ergonomic support.

    IKEA’s “Joakim Swivel Chair” is a more reasonably priced option, with moderate reviews claiming strength, durability and support.

    Another recommended, less-expensive, popular model is the “Furniture At Work Hampton Leather Executive Chair”, available world-wide through

    Leather office chairs, Best-sellers Online.

    If leather is of prime consideration when selecting an office chair, on-line supplier BizChair offer a range of leather office chairs, which vary in price but have one thing in common – they are consistent best sellers!

    For an executive style of leather chair, the Martha Washington Leather Executive Swivel Chair, the Executive Mesh Back Office Chair, the High Back Leather Executive Office Chair and the High Back “CEO” Executive Soft Italian Leather Office Chair are very popular styles. At the high end of the price scale, the La-Z-Boy Presidential High Back Wood Trim would impress any high flyer.

    Popularity aside, it is recommended that any design be adjustable to suit most consumers; however trying before buying maybe a key factor when considering the purchase of a leather or ergonomic office chair.

    Checking for comfort, adjustability, quality and durability are key factors when investing in such a product. Other questions to ask are: “How do I use my desk – do I lean back, or lean forward?” And “will the chair roll around on carpet or a hard floor?”

    Above all, take your time before making your decision, and back pain, repetitive stress injury and absenteeism may be experiences of the past.
    Believe it or not, quality of life on the job is a serious matter.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    Office Chairs – Executive Style

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 5th November 2005

    Did you know that your executive chair could be your biggest asset?

    Executive chairs are powerful business tools. Just the thought of having one custom designed to fit your body means that you are in a position of great success. You have made it and you are living it.

    It feels good doesn’t it?

    Executive ChairThink about how much time in your business that you end up sitting. 50%, 60%, 75%? Now think about how valuable a comfortable executive chair is to you. It is an intricate part of your business routine. It has character and is your Power Chair.

    Feeling good physically allows you to feel good mentally. You allow yourself better focus, more energy, and less stress, which means more profits.

    A good executive chair establishes your mood and your ability to react to others in your business environment in the best possible way because you are comfortable with how you feel. If your present chair is uncomfortable or even painful to work in, then you are not allowing yourself to operate at 100%. You are not feeling great physically and ultimately your business will suffer because you are losing energy, rhythm, and focus.

    There are thousands of executive chairs on the market and they can solve thousands of problems by delivery incredible benefits.

    There are chairs with deluxe leather, designer leather, high backs, low backs, smart swivels, pneumatic adjusters, gas lift seats, covered wood arms, 5 star bases, steel frames, smart floor casters, ergonomic designs, classic tufted designs, high class, middle class, budget class, heavy duty, light duty, made for men, and made for women.

    Manufacturers have hundreds of custom design options available and have chairs made for just about any type of business environment including, office, home office, board rooms, break rooms, hospitality chairs, computer chairs, clean room chairs, industrial designs and custom designs. The possibilities are endless.
    There is even a “lazy boy” executive chair.

    You can get benefits from your chair such as massages, beverage holders, music and motivation options, dictation and other communication tools and store incredible amounts of supplies. Anything as long as it makes you perform at a higher level.

    The big deal is to find the one that fits. You establish your budget, decide on your needs and wants and simply go shopping.

    Do you want ergonomic designs? Those are chairs that are designed to move with your body in a synergistic way keeping you well balanced, well circulated and well aware.

    Do you spend long hours in your chair? Is fatigue an issue? Do you have physical limitations or trauma that needs to be addressed? Are you shopping for a long term solution or a short term solution? Do you have a need for speed in your chairs movement or do you sit in one spot the entire time? How can you enhance your business performance?

    In researching this topic I discovered some interesting data.

    It is estimated that over 50 million workdays are lost per year due to back pain and back problems. 50 million days at 8 hours is 400 million man hours lost.
    If an average wage of 12 dollars per hour is applied, then companies are losing 4.8 billion dollars in productivity per year.

    That is staggering!

    Most back problems can be related to improper posture and poor blood circulation. That is why there seems to be a big push for manufacturers to design more high quality, ergonomic chairs.

    A good chair for working in, is as vital as a good mattress for sleeping in, or a good car for driving, or a good pair of shoes for walking.
    A good quality ergonomic chair is vital for peak performance in your business.

    Every day you work on adding value to your business and your life. The value of your choice in business seating is important because it has a long term effect on profits, so choose your chairs with wisdom and keep in mind the effect the chairs will have over time physically, mentally, and financially.

    For more information visit our website at: Chair Hunter

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    How To Choose The Correct Office Chair

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 1st November 2005

    The first consideration in choosing an office chair is to select a suitable chair within your budget range.

    Office Chair
    Office ChairIf your budget is limited, the ergonomic, state of the art chairs costing well over a thousand dollars may be out of your range. No matter how limited your budget may be, you should purchase the best type of chair that you can afford, which is not necessarily the most expensive.


    How often and for what periods of time that you will be using the chair are more important considerations than the price in determining which chair to purchase.
    How many options you need depends on a number of factors including:
    How many people will be using the chair?

    How much time will they be spending in the chair?

    What tasks will they be performing while seated in the chair?

    If only one person will be using the chair, finding a chair that fits that person is more important than chair adjustment features. If you intend to sit for only a few minutes a day in the chair, the comfort feature of the chair becomes less important.

    Fitting a chair to an individual requires several steps.

    The height of the chair should allow the person to sit with both feet flat on the floor or, if the chair needs to be higher, a suitable foot rest can be used to ensure the correct posture.

    With both feet on the floor, you should be able to easily insert a finger under the front of your thighs. If it is difficult to get the finger under the leg, the chair is too high. If the finger fits under the leg without touching the leg, it is too low.

    You should be able to see space between your calf and the edge of the chair. (Rule of thumb is that you should be able to place your fist between the chair and your calf. If your calf touches the chair, it could cause circulation problems from the pressure of the edge of the seat against your legs.

    If this is the case then the seat is too deep, if there is too much room then the seat is not deep enough.
    Some chairs allow adjustment of the backrest to change the depth of the seat.

    The armrests should be at a height which will take the weight of the arms, without raising the shoulder and without interfering with the desk top.

    The width of the chair should allow space on both sides when seated, an inch or two is enough, but ideally it should not be much more.

    The height of the chair relative to the work surface where it will be used is also important. Ideally, with the elbows bent at 90 degrees, and the palm turned down, the hands should rest on the work surface.

    Other adjustments available on some chairs include angle of the back rest, tilt of the seat, how far the chair will lean back, lumbar support. You will also want the chair adjustments readily accessible and easy to operate.

    You will then need to consider upholstery options.
    The most common choices are leather, vinyl, fabric, and mesh. Leather and vinyl are easier to clean, but can tend to make you feel hotter as they tend not to dissipate heat as well as mesh or fabric; but fabric and mesh are more difficult to clean and are more likely to show stains.

    The manufacturer should offer a warranty, as well as instructions about care and cleaning. Following the manufacturers instructions will help the chair last many years.

    A final consideration is comfort. Is the chair comfortable to sit in?
    Does it allow you to perform the necessary tasks while seated?

    More information can be found at our website at: Chair Hunter

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