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Home Office – Comfortable and Practical

Posted by Oze Parrot on 8th November 2006

Choosing the best place for a Home Office is not always easy and requires a good deal of thought. Once your business gains momentum you don’t want to be faced with the dilemma of having to relocate all of your Office equipment, just because the original location you chose, is unsuitable.

Home OfficeIf funds are available, it may be wise to have a registered tradesman add an extra room to your house. The builder will be able to give you good advice about choosing the best part of your home to extend, where to place doors, windows and awnings. The addition to your home, while improving the market value of the property, will also give you the desired level of comfort and privacy you need, as well as give your business a professional look.

If the space or the funds are not available then it may be possible to use the garage, provided that you can relocate your motor car, and provided that the area is suitable for all of your Home Office needs.

Alternative areas could be a cellar or an attic. Of course, these areas would be unsuitable if you wanted to entertain clients during the course of your business dealings. These days, however, most business transactions can be accomplished over the telephone or the Internet, by using Power Point presentations, Web Conferencing facilities and photo galleries.

For those who live in apartments or small premises, and do not have the luxury of being able to extend their building, they must adapt to conducting their business from a corner in a bedroom or a niche under the stairway. Even though this situation may not sound ideal, by thoughtfully utilising the available space you can make your Home Office Comfortable and Practical.

By taking the time to properly design the layout of your Home Office, no matter what the size, you will be able to personalise your work place making it Comfortable and Practical.

Oh, and don’t forget to get your self the most comfortable Office chair that you can afford. Your body will thank you.

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Do You Need A Patent, Copyright or Trademark

Posted by Oze Parrot on 12th March 2006

Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks are confusing to some extent, even though there are some similarities among these tools of property protection, they all serve different purposes.

Justice ScalesA Patent for an invention is the inventor’s property right to his invention, issued by the Patent and Trademark Office. The term of a new Patent is 20 years from the date on which the application for the Patent was filed in the United States. US Patent grants are effective only within the US, US territories, and US territorial possessions.

A Patent owner is granted the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing the said invention without permission.

A Trademark is a word, name, symbol or device which is used in the trading of goods to indicate the source of the goods and to distinguish them from the goods of other manufacturers.
A service mark is the same as a Trademark except that it identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product.
The terms “Trademark” and “Mark” are commonly used to refer to both Trademarks and service marks.

Trademark rights may be used to prevent others from using a confusingly similar mark, but not to prevent others from making the same goods or from selling the same goods or services under a clearly different mark.

Copyright is a form of protection that is granted to the authors of �original works of authorship� including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works, both published and unpublished.

The 1976 Copyright Act generally gives the owner of copyright the exclusive right to reproduce the Copyrighted work, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies or phono records of the copyrighted work, to perform the copyrighted work publicly, or to display the Copyrighted work publicly.

The Copyright protects the form of expression rather than the subject matter of the writing. For example, a description of a machine could be Copyrighted, but this would only prevent others from copying the description; it would not prevent others from writing a description of their own or from making and using the machine. Copyrights are registered by the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.

It follows therefore, that if you have invented, what you consider to be a new invention, then you must take out a Patent to protect your product from being unscrupulously copied by your competitors.

It is advisable to conduct a search of the Office of Records before filing an application for Patent, Copyright or Trademark.

You can conduct a free search on the USPTO website using the Trademark Electronic Search System at: TESS

You can also conduct a trademark search at the Trademark Public Search Library. Use of the Public Search Library is free to the public.

You can also conduct a search at a Patent and Trademark Depository Library near you.

Any literary, musical or artistic works that you have composed or conceived should also be protected by copyright in the same manner.

If you have produced your own Trademark to identify your works this must also be registered to protect your interests.

Registration can be effected at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Details can be found on the USPTO site

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Online Sales Presentations Via Web Conferencing

Posted by Oze Parrot on 18th February 2006

Establishing a successful Home Office can be quite a rewarding experience and the benefits, of course, are enormous.

Operating out of your own home, where everything is virtually at your fingertips, you are in an excellent position to make your Sales Presentations via Online Web Conferencing.

To implement a good Sales Presentation, one needs to create a sense of urgency in order to get a prospect motivated enough to buy your product.

Web Conferencing is a solution that engages prospects on a personal level immediately, without a huge financial investment and with no travel expenses.

Conference TableOnline Web Conferencing is changing the face of the way we conduct our Sales Presentations, from prospecting leads to training an entire sales force, this online tool enables sales teams to create, manage and present Sales information to meetings of any size.

Online Web Conferences can be conducted from your Home Office and presented simultaneously to entire departments and staff in various locations, leveraging existing presentations or advising people of new opportunities.

With Web Conferencing you are in a position to create enhanced Online Sales Presentations that your prospects can view straight away and refer to at anytime.

Benefits of your solution can be narrated with the Presentation, thus providing your customers or prospects with a human connection, enabling them to gauge your passion for and belief in, the solution.

This feature alone allows you to create an enriched Presentation experience, for your top prospects, that will put you streets ahead of your competitors.

Online Sales Presentations will give you and your team a tool that will separate your offers from that of the competitors. The best part is that now you have a sales tool that works even when you or your salespeople are off duty. Your Presentations can be posted on your Web site to capture visitors attention, attract fresh prospects and produce new customers.

If your company produces complex products or services then the advantages of using an Online Web Conferencing system are manifold. With the online collaboration capabilities of web conferencing your company’s travel expenses will be drastically reduced and Sales will be closed much sooner.

Once you sit down at your desktop and create an effective presentation your hot prospects can be contacted more frequently, they won�t readily forget you and your sales will be closed that much sooner.

With Web Conferencing, it�s easy to get the right message to a sales prospect at the right time, no matter where you are. Web Conferencing saves time, is less expensive and produces as much, if not more, impact than a personal meeting.

Setting up an Online Web Conference is simple, with just the click of a mouse, you can send an e-mail to invite participants and send them reminders about the meeting. To join a meeting, attendees need only click on a Web link provided in the e-mail invitation. It�s just as simple to recruit attendees for Online Sales training by including a registration form in your e-mail.

Online Web Conferencing Sales Presentations are just as robust as personal meetings, users can incorporate audio and video clips as well as Macromedia Flash video and PowerPoint slides to bring their presentations to life.

Your company colors, logo and header can be used when setting up your online web conference and the participants can use applications such as chats and white boards to communicate with each other during a meeting. Files can be shared amongst attendees and documents can be accessed without moving from your desktop.

Meeting organizers can create polls that track participant responses, which can be saved for later analysis, you will know almost immediately if your presentation has made the impact that you desired.

Web Conferencing helps Sales professionals make a lasting impression and close sales, your presentation data can be posted on the company Web site for prospects to reference after the meeting, so you�re still on a prospective customer�s mind without being in the room.

Online Web Conferencing is becoming more in vogue as the Internet expands, making it possible for small companies to operate on a global basis and cope with the U.S. marketplace’s transformation from an asset-based economy to a services-based economy.

Further information can be found on our website: Office Hunter

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Home Office: Make Sure It’s Legal

Posted by Oze Parrot on 21st November 2005

In this day and age, more and more people are working from their homes, both as self employed small business people and as employees.

Niche Home OfficeThere are a lot of advantages in working at home, for starters there is no lost time in commuting to your office, you are available to deal with any problems at most times and you are working in a relaxed atmosphere, where you may wear comfortable attire.

Being available does not mean being on duty 24/7, far from it.

Personally, I make it a practice to go for a regular walk every day to refresh my mind, give myself a break from the computer, as well as get some much needed exercise.

I observe weekends, as such, by spending it with my family and only tending to the basics like collecting email or replying to the most urgent queries.

There are other considerations, such as local council zoning ordinances, that may apply to the area in which you live.

It will be in your best interest to check with your local council to find out where you stand before investing a lot of time and money in setting up your niche home office.

  • Once you’ve decided to set up a niche office in your home you will have to decide on it’s location. Privacy is a prime consideration, your office must be cordoned off during designated work periods.
  • If you are constantly being interrupted by family members because you are available then it is going to be hard to concentrate on the matters at hand, particularly if you have children.
  • If you are going to entertain business prospects or clients, a direct entrance to your office is essential, otherwise you will be walking strangers through the privacy of your home.
  • If there is no need to entertain people in your office then your space requirements can be reduced to a much smaller area.
    So long as you are comfortable and there is enough room for your essential equipment then you should be able to function smoothly.
  • Should you decide to add an extension to your house to provide space for your office then you will be able to allocate the space that you need and design the layout that you desire.
  • Possibly the room you add on as an office can become a bedroom or family room if you ever decide to sell your house. You may get all your investment back, if the new room is appropriate, and have a nice office space all of the years that you have used it.

    Don’t forget to consider the need for extra power outlets and telephone lines, an average office is equipped with a computer, monitor, scanner, printer, speakers and video.
    Then you will need task lighting as well as room lighting and maybe air conditioning or heating.

    For further information and related articles, visit our website at: Office Hunter

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    Home Office-Your vision

    Posted by Oze Parrot on 19th November 2005

    These days an office at your house is an essential consideration when looking for, moving to, or building a new home.
    A home office can be set up in the bedroom, rumpus room or even in a niche under the staircase.

    There are several aspects that one must consider before setting up a niche office at home.

    Niche Home Office

  • You will need to establish what kind of duties you will be performing and what tools you will be needing. Will you just be conducting your household matters, receiving invoices, paying accounts and writing letters?
  • If you intend to run a small business from your niche office at home and spend many hours in your office chair, writing articles about niche products, doing mail outs and publishing blogs then you will need extra room with added comforts.
  • Depending on the structure of your business, you may need to conduct meetings or entertain clients. If this is the case then you will need to consider the size of your home office and the added number of office chairs that you will need.
  • Should you need to entertain business prospects or clients then you really should have a direct entrance to your home office and avoid conducting strangers through the private areas of your home.
  • Take into account what storage area you may need.
    Will you need to store paper records, invoices, receipts or catalogues? Can you store most of your records on CD’s and promote your niche business by CD Duplicating, or must you carry a certain amount of stock on hand?
  • Computer equipment is essential for any home office niche but you may also need other equipment such as a scanner, copier or fax. This extra equipment may require extra power points and multiple phone lines.
  • You must be able to shade the windows in your office area so as to minimize glare and shield your monitor screen from direct light. The office should have task lighting as well as normal room lighting.
  • If your office windows have a significant outlook with spectacular views then it may be in your best interest to have the windows tinted to eradicate glare and allow you to appreciate the views.
  • For the sake of your personal comfort, health and productivity it is essential that you choose the correct type of office chairs for your own niche office at home.
  • You will find a series of articles about choosing suitable chairs for your office at: Office Chairs

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