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There is finally an effective treatment for the Herpes Simplex Virus

Posted by Oze Parrot on 28th February 2006

This Article for treatment of Herpes. – written by expert author David Logan

What is the Herpes Simplex Virus?

The Herpes Simplex Virus is very complex, and can be broken down into two different types, also known as a simplex:

Herpes Simplex 1 (HSV1) – most commonly known as a cold sore or oral herpes. This Herpes Simplex affects the oral region, and is the most common time of the herpes simplex virus, as this simplex can affect people of all ages including children. There is an effective herpes treatment available from Healing Natural Oils, this natural herpes treatment is effective on all known strains of the herpes simplex virus, and can be purchased online.

Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV2) – most commonly referred to as genital herpes. This Herpes Simplex affects the genital region in both males and females. This Herpes Simplex can occur internally as well as externally, more commonly internal for females.

How can I treat the Herpes Simplex Virus?

The herpes simplex virus can be controlled and the outbreaks can be treated. Healing Natural Oils offers two different herpes treatments. The H-Away formula can be used to eliminate any outbreak, this includes for Herpes simplex 1 and 2. The H-Prevention formula is used to control future outbreaks, and may stop future outbreaks altogether. All these products are topically applied, and are completely natural remedies.


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Teaching An Older Dog

Posted by Oze Parrot on 26th February 2006

The majority of people who keep Dogs have them for companionship and treat them as pets. In order for your Dog to be pleasant company he must be taught to behave himself, do what he is told and to observe a few good manners.

Dogs are very much like children, in the sense that they must be shown right from wrong and taught to behave themselves, for their own good and for the good of others.

Puppies can learn basic commands as early as 6 to 8 weeks of age, and this is the time to commence your pet dog’s training and build a strong relationship with him. Waiting until the puppy is much older and larger makes it much more difficult to Teach Your Dog .

Teach Your Dog  
Teach Your Dog

A dog trainer will spend more time Teaching an Older Dog because the animal will be more set in it’s ways. One has to be dedicated and blessed with perseverance to Teach an Older Dog to behave differently, than the behavior pattern, to which he has become accustomed.

All behavior patterns are new to a young pup, whereas with an Older Dog these patterns are already established. So, what you have to do is retrain the dog by getting him to break old habits and adopt new ones.

It is not impossible, but at times you will wonder. You will have to be more strict with an Older Dog as you must demand obedience from the animal in order to break his, previously acquired, bad habits.

An older dog will be more likely to comply with your commands if he thinks that it is his idea rather than yours, for example, if he goes to sit, then you give the command to sit and then praise him, he will think it was his idea and if you keep on repeating this process eventually you will have him sitting on command. This process will work for many of the basic commands such as, fetch, come, stay and heel.

Depending on your dog’s nature, you may find that your Older Dog is fairly easy to train, but some dogs have a streak of stubbornness and are not very susceptible to basic training methods. Teaching an Older Dog will always be more difficult than training a young pup. Bad habits need to be broken and long term habits need to be altered, your dog will thank you for it eventually and the end result will be well worth your perseverance.

Teaching an Older Dog can be a formidable task, try making it fun by joining a class or try to get some support from family or friends. Invest in some training products like toys and treats, or you could enroll your dog in a training school. One thing is certain, while you are Teaching your Dog a few manners, the bond between you will grow and you will end up with a faithful companion.

For further information visit our website at: Teach Your Dog

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Health and Medical: Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

Posted by Oze Parrot on 24th February 2006

Hypertension, or “High Blood” as we commonly refer to it, affects half of the the American population that are aged between fifty five and sixty five years. Hypertension, if allowed to go uncontrolled, is a major contributing factor to heart attacks, stroke, aneurysm, and is a leading cause of chronic renal failure.

Hypertension, in itself, has no symptoms and actually induces a sense of wellbeing and good health in the afflicted, who will be diagnosed as having High Blood, incidentally.

Check Your BP    
Blood Pressure Check

A patient, having a regular check-up or seeing a doctor about another matter, may be taken by surprise to discover that he suffers from Hypertension.

This age group, that is, people over fifty, is particularly vulnerable to Hypertension because over time, the number of collagen fibers in the artery and arteriole walls increases, making blood vessels more rigid. Because of the reduced elasticity of the major arteries, their cross-sectional area is reduced. Therefore the systolic action of the heart causes one’s mean arterial Blood Pressure to increase.

Controlling Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is crucial for people’s health, particularly as they grow older, to enable them to live longer and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”

People aged over fifty should take careful stock now of their health, including such vital measures as weight, cholesterol level, blood pressure, risk of heart attack and any signs of diabetes. It’s never too late to adopt a healthy approach to life and enjoy one’s twilight years.

While most people over fifty enjoy good health, others are dealing with chronic and debilitating diseases and lack of health insurance. Figures show that 11 percent of Americans aged over fifty, do not have health insurance.

However, doctors recommend that people who have been diagnosed with primary Hypertension should reduce weight by doing regular exercise, stop smoking and improve their diet, as the first steps in treating their disorder. These steps are highly effective in reducing Blood Pressure, but much easier to suggest than to achieve.

Most people with moderate or severe Hypertension end up requiring indefinite drug therapy to bring their Blood Pressure down to a safe level.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fat-free dairy foods which is also low in fat and sodium lowers Blood Pressure in people who suffer from Hypertension. Dietary sodium (salt) causes Hypertension in some people and reducing salt intake decreases Blood Pressure in a third of people. Regular mild exercise improves Blood flow, and helps to lower Blood Pressure.

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Laser Comb Treatment For Hair Loss

Posted by Oze Parrot on 23rd February 2006

Most commonly, Hair Loss is a hereditary condition, though there are certain factors that will cause us to lose our hair sooner, and at a greater rate, than normal. These factors can include vitamin deficiency, poor diet, drug abuse and skin disease.

Going bald is an embarrassment for both men and women and can have a devastating effect on their self esteem and self confidence. Naturally, people will go to great lengths to hide their Hair Loss and undergo various treatments to restore their hair.

Laser Treatment is presently available in many areas, although dermatologists still have concerns about the safety of this particular Hair treatment. Laser Treatment for Hair Loss is generally performed in exclusive hair clinics that are equipped with large laser devices and which usually require a number of sittings per month.

Hair transplants can ultimately be performed if the Laser Treatment for Hair Loss does not show positive results. In cases of male pattern baldness and Hair Loss due to scarring of the scalp as a result of accidents and operations, then a transplant may be in order.

Laser Comb  
Laser Comb

To improve the condition of their hair a lot of people are using a Laser Comb in the hope of establishing a Hair re-growth pattern.

The HairMax LaserComb, is a low-level laser device, which has been developed in Australia and designed for the general public to use at home. It is currently being manufactured in the USA with patents pending in a number of countries.

Most people suffering from Hair Loss are pleased with the results that they have received from using the Laser Comb Treatment.

The main advantage of Laser Comb is that it saves money on laser treatments. Laser comb is a Laser Treatment for Hair Loss that has been designed for personal home use.

Laser Treatment in a private Hair clinic may cost hundreds of dollars for one sitting. Laser Comb is not expensive and is approved by FDA as a cosmetic device for thickening Hair appearance. Laser Comb can be used as a Laser Treatment for Hair Loss in conjunction with other Hair Loss Treatments and many hair transplant surgeons are using it to complement their transplant procedures.

Although laser comb is already approved by the FDA for the purpose of hair thickening, the FDA is also conducting numerous trials and giving approval for it’s success as a Hair growth stimulation tool. Laser light therapy is also being used for anti inflammatory effects and wound healing on the skin.

Laser Comb utilizes low level Laser therapy (LLLT), which emits photo energy. Low-level Laser Treatment for Hair Loss is painless and non-toxic. Most people that use Laser Comb can achieve a healthier and thicker head of Hair.

For further information on the cause and treatment of hair loss, visit our websites at: Hair Hunter

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Hair Transplants for Women

Posted by Oze Parrot on 20th February 2006

Balding is humiliating for most people, but for women the realization that they are losing their hair can be absolutely devastating.

Typically, Women lose Hair evenly from all parts of the scalp, as opposed to men, who tend to show thinning and balding in the front (receding hairline) and on the top. The back and sides remain thicker and intact.

Men’s pattern baldness, serves to make Hair transplanting a more viable alternative since there are stable areas of the scalp from where the grafts can be acquired. By comparison, Women’s Hair thins out over the entire scalp area, which means that there is no stable area from where Hair follicles can be procured for grafting.

The First Signs  
First Signs

Unfortunately, because of these circumstances, most Women are not suitable subjects for a successful Hair Transplant. Hair Transplants don’t actually increase the volume of Hair, the process only moves Hair from a densely populated area of the scalp to balding areas of the head.

Women that are suitable subjects for a Hair Transplant include those who have Hair Loss due to trauma, from surgical scars or those with a baldness pattern similar to male pattern baldness. In fact, only 2% to 5% of Women are suitable subjects for a Hair Transplant.

A large percentage of Women that experience Hair Loss will find that the condition is reversible. Finding out the reason for your Hair Loss can lead to treatment options that will successfully establish new hair growth for you.

Your general practitioner will put you in touch with a doctor who specializes in women’s Hair Loss, the specialist will begin treatment by drawing a complete blood work panel to establish the following levels:

Hormone levels (DHEAS, testosterone, androstenedione, prolastic, FSH, and leutinizing hormone)

Serum iron, serum ferritin, TIBC, total iron binding capacity

Thyroid stimulating hormone


Additionally, a clinical history should be gathered to include such information as:

Current medications

Family history

Hair fall out type(intact or breaking)

Recent trauma

Approaching menopause

Once the blood work is examined, if the hormone levels are within normal limits, Hair should show re-growth within a year. There is a condition known as “female telogen effluvium”, which simply put, means that numerous Hair follicles are in a resting phase at the same time.

If hormone levels are not normal, treatment should begin to address the underlying condition and re-adjust the hormone levels. Upon the return to normal hormone levels, Hair should begin to grow again, as per normal.

There are numerous re-growth treatments on the market, some of which are not recommended for use by women. Your doctor can help determine the various benefits and drawbacks of the available medications.

Minoxidil is widely recommended as a Hair growth stimulant.

For further information on the cause and treatment of hair loss, visit our websites at: Hair Hunter

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Iodine Deficiency and Your Health

Posted by Oze Parrot on 19th February 2006

Iodine, is a chemical element that is required as a trace element for most living organisms. Iodine is also used in medicine, photography and in dyes. Iodine, derived from the Greek: “ioeides”, or violet, is a violet coloured solid that sublimates at standard temperatures into a blue-violet gas that has a distinctive odor.

The element was discovered in 1811 by Barnard Courtois, who was involved in the manufacture of saltpeter, at the time. knowledge of this substance has come to include the host of benefits it brings to the body as an essential nutrient. Getting enough Iodine naturally in one’s daily diet was difficult in certain remote areas that had no access to seafoods. Unfortunately, this is still the case in some developing nations.

Iodized Salt  
Iodized Salt

Since the introduction of iodized salt, meeting the daily Iodine requirement has become almost effortless and inexpensive in the industrialized nations. In these nations Iodine Deficiency is now quite rare. As developing nations are able to make the shift to iodized salt, their rates of Iodine Deficiency and the Health problems associated with it have also begun to decrease.

Iodine mainly serves the body through its interactions with the thyroid gland. Approximately 80% of the Iodine found in the body is located in the thyroid. With the help of Iodine, the thyroid is able to produce its hormones, thyroxine and triodothyronine. These hormones play a major part in regulating processes relating to growth and development of the body, and also influence the maturation of the reproductive system.

Because of its influence on the activities of the thyroid gland, Iodine plays a great role in the basic metabolism processes and levels in the body. It helps to enable the body to efficiently burn calories and prevent excess calories from being stored as more fat than the body needs. It has a role in maintaining the energy level of the body and in helping the skin, teeth, nails and hair to he strong and healthy. Iodine also helps to destroy toxins throughout the body, and assists the body to use both calcium and silicone.

A Deficiency in Iodine can negatively affect the Health and functioning of the body and mind in many ways, some of which are more serious than others. The symptoms of Iodine Deficiency that affect the mind range from feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression and mental retardation stemming from an IQ point decrease of up to 15 points.

The World Health Organization places Iodine Deficiency as one of the leading causes of mental retardation worldwide relating to such diseases as cretinism, which includes serious physical malformations.

Physical symptoms of Iodine Deficiency can include dry, scaly skin, fatigue, constipation, unusual weight gain, impaired thyroid operation, goiters, decreased fertility, increased rate of stillbirth, and severe growth abnormalities.

Iodized salt is so inexpensive, it should be spread throughout the poverty centers of the developing nations and the needless suffering of millions could be alleviated. The average daily requirement of Iodine ranges from 40 Micrograms per day for infants up to 150-200 Micrograms of Iodine per day for adults. Pregnant women need 175 micrograms of Iodine per day and lactating mothers should have 200 micrograms daily. A half teaspoon of iodized salt contains 190 micrograms of Iodine.

For further information visit our website at: Vitamin Hunter

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Online Sales Presentations Via Web Conferencing

Posted by Oze Parrot on 18th February 2006

Establishing a successful Home Office can be quite a rewarding experience and the benefits, of course, are enormous.

Operating out of your own home, where everything is virtually at your fingertips, you are in an excellent position to make your Sales Presentations via Online Web Conferencing.

To implement a good Sales Presentation, one needs to create a sense of urgency in order to get a prospect motivated enough to buy your product.

Web Conferencing is a solution that engages prospects on a personal level immediately, without a huge financial investment and with no travel expenses.

Conference TableOnline Web Conferencing is changing the face of the way we conduct our Sales Presentations, from prospecting leads to training an entire sales force, this online tool enables sales teams to create, manage and present Sales information to meetings of any size.

Online Web Conferences can be conducted from your Home Office and presented simultaneously to entire departments and staff in various locations, leveraging existing presentations or advising people of new opportunities.

With Web Conferencing you are in a position to create enhanced Online Sales Presentations that your prospects can view straight away and refer to at anytime.

Benefits of your solution can be narrated with the Presentation, thus providing your customers or prospects with a human connection, enabling them to gauge your passion for and belief in, the solution.

This feature alone allows you to create an enriched Presentation experience, for your top prospects, that will put you streets ahead of your competitors.

Online Sales Presentations will give you and your team a tool that will separate your offers from that of the competitors. The best part is that now you have a sales tool that works even when you or your salespeople are off duty. Your Presentations can be posted on your Web site to capture visitors attention, attract fresh prospects and produce new customers.

If your company produces complex products or services then the advantages of using an Online Web Conferencing system are manifold. With the online collaboration capabilities of web conferencing your company’s travel expenses will be drastically reduced and Sales will be closed much sooner.

Once you sit down at your desktop and create an effective presentation your hot prospects can be contacted more frequently, they won�t readily forget you and your sales will be closed that much sooner.

With Web Conferencing, it�s easy to get the right message to a sales prospect at the right time, no matter where you are. Web Conferencing saves time, is less expensive and produces as much, if not more, impact than a personal meeting.

Setting up an Online Web Conference is simple, with just the click of a mouse, you can send an e-mail to invite participants and send them reminders about the meeting. To join a meeting, attendees need only click on a Web link provided in the e-mail invitation. It�s just as simple to recruit attendees for Online Sales training by including a registration form in your e-mail.

Online Web Conferencing Sales Presentations are just as robust as personal meetings, users can incorporate audio and video clips as well as Macromedia Flash video and PowerPoint slides to bring their presentations to life.

Your company colors, logo and header can be used when setting up your online web conference and the participants can use applications such as chats and white boards to communicate with each other during a meeting. Files can be shared amongst attendees and documents can be accessed without moving from your desktop.

Meeting organizers can create polls that track participant responses, which can be saved for later analysis, you will know almost immediately if your presentation has made the impact that you desired.

Web Conferencing helps Sales professionals make a lasting impression and close sales, your presentation data can be posted on the company Web site for prospects to reference after the meeting, so you�re still on a prospective customer�s mind without being in the room.

Online Web Conferencing is becoming more in vogue as the Internet expands, making it possible for small companies to operate on a global basis and cope with the U.S. marketplace’s transformation from an asset-based economy to a services-based economy.

Further information can be found on our website: Office Hunter

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Your Chair’s Frame Construction

Posted by Oze Parrot on 17th February 2006

Most Office Chairs, these days, are fully adjustable and allow the user to adjust the seat, armrests, back, and height, so as to prevent repetitive strain injuries and back pain associated with sitting for long periods of time. The added benefit is that one type of chair will suit a variety of people, although it may not suit everybody.

Office ChairThe materials used in the Frame Construction of an Office Chair play an important part in the performance and life of the Chair. The choice of steel, wood, aluminum, or composite material framing will depend on the intended use of the chair. All are generally durable frames, but steel and wood ( particularly oak and cherry) have an edge when it comes to heavy work use and durability.

Choice of framing materials also depend on the weight of the individual that will be using the chair, a heavier person will need the strength of steel or wood Construction. Before choosing an Office Chair, always check on the weight-rating of the chair to make sure that is suitable for your needs.

Pneumatic and ratchet adjustments are available on most executive and task chairs. The pneumatically adjusted chairs are the easiest to operate for efficient, individual height adjustments. Be sure to check the weight-rating of the pneumatic adjustments. For those who exceed the pneumatic adjustment weight-ratings, ratchet adjustment chairs are generally preferable.

Ergonomic options are available on a wider range of seating styles, but are most common on “task chairs.” These options include pneumatic gas lift, swivel and tilt control, height and arm adjustments, and adjustable back height and angle.

Remember – prices of Office Chairs will depend on the Frame Construction, type of Chair, seat materials, and ergonomic options.

Before selecting new Chairs for yourself or your employees, always test the Chair thoroughly before you make a decision to purchase.
Arrange for your employees to visit the store and have them sit in the Chair for a lengthy period. Take notice of any remarks that your employees may make and ascertain that there are no hidden sources of discomfort.

There’s no point in buying new Office Chairs that are not suitable for your needs. It’s not very nice to have to sit in a Chair all day that is not really comfortable.

Further information can be found on our website: Chair Hunter

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CD Duplication: Packaging Your Duped CDs

Posted by Oze Parrot on 16th February 2006

Since the introduction of the user-recordable CD-ROM (read-only memory) it is now possible to disseminate massive amounts of information to a vast audience. A CD can store up to 700 megabytes of data or 80 minutes of music. Collectively, there are over 30 billion CD discs sold annually throughout the world.

The CD is capable of storing any kind of digital material such as pictures, power point presentations, web pages, music, movies and text files.

Compact Disc  
Compact Disc

If this is not enough, from a single CD Master, bulk copies can be made quickly by the Duping process. Duplication systems must verify each disc, bit-for-bit, as being identical to the master CD. State-of-the-art equipment can create copies of different kinds of CD either for the PC or the Macintosh.

CD Duplication is a fast and cost effective process that enables creative and professional presentations of any product, to be reproduced without any infringement of copyright law.

For the market however, Packaging of your Duped CDs is almost as important as the content. Bulk shipments of duplicated CDs really need creative Packaging to make ready sales in the market place. There are various methods of Packaging your CD products, either in clear flapped PVC wallets, mailers, paper sleeves and in Jewel Cases of standard black, slim line or clam shell styles.

Packaging depends upon the target market, what may appeal to one consumer may not appeal to another. Size of the product Packaging should be maintained according to the tastes and preferences of the targeted consumers. It is true, that for security reasons, Packaging is sometimes difficult to open, therefore you must keep the consumer in mind, as well as the product, when Packaging your stock of CDs.

Simple Packaging is always better in order to avoid confusion, but it should be sturdy enough to survive shipping and handling techniques. Generally, consumers select bulk CD packages that carry a printed label with an excellent graphic design. Such packaging captures the imagination of the prospective buyer and goes a long way towards effecting a sale.

A Compact Disc is a cost effective method of storing a large amount of data, this, combined with it’s small size, make it a great medium for the distribution of presentations, portfolios, documents, software, pictures and music. Based on this, a variety of contemporary and alternative Packaging options are available to suit the particular type of information that is being offered.

A consultation with a Packaging professional would be advisable for anyone who is marketing a batch of CDs for the first time. Professional Packaging featuring a well designed label will ensure that you have a great chance of capturing a slice of the lucrative CD market.

Packaging companies are consistently developing new, trendy and more durable Packaging techniques. Make sure that you avail yourself of the latest developments before you market your product.
Professional Packaging will greatly assist your marketing efforts.

Further information can be found on our websites: CD Hunter


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Hair Loss: Telogen Effluvium Effects

Posted by Oze Parrot on 15th February 2006

Telogen Effluvium is triggered by physiologic stress or hormonal change and the Effect is diffuse shedding of the Hair. It is a form of nonscarring alopecia that induces a large portion of Hairs to enter the telogen phase simultaneously.

This condition can last for several months and generally affects the Hair on the scalp, although it can affect Hair growth on all parts of the body.

Telogen Effluvium affects those who have recently undergone some form of trauma such as: childbirth, chemotherapy, major surgery, severe illness and psychological duress. It is directly related to the normal Hair growth cycle.

Healthy Hair  
Healthy Hair

The normal Hair growth cycle consists of three stages, which are:

The Anagen stage, when the Hair consistently grows for a period of about three years. During this period, all of the Hairs grow at the rate of about six inches per year. This may depend on one’s hereditary traits, health and age.

The Catagen stage, lasts for about three weeks and is the time when the Hair shaft becomes detached from the dermal papilla and moves upward through a contracting follicle.

The Telogen stage, is the resting stage that lasts for about three months. During this period the Hair detaches itself from the follicle and falls out. The cycle then repeats itself.

The shedding of Hairs is by no means an unnatural occurrence as anything from 100 to 300 Hairs are normally shed from the scalp each day. Telogen Effluvium occurs when large numbers of Hairs are prematurely pushed from the growth (anagen) phase into the resting (telogen) phase. These Telogen Hairs are only loosely attached at the roots and therefore fall out readily.

The good news is that generally, recovery is spontaneous and occurs within 6 months.

The symptoms of Telogen Effluvium include the rapid thinning of Hair throughout the scalp, the onset of which can be quite acute.
If this condition has been preceded by any kind of trauma then chances are that you are suffering the Effects of Telogen Effluvium.

As the Effects of the trauma are overcome, the the condition will pass and normal Hair re-growth will return. There is no treatment for Telogen Effluvium, apart from rest and a healthy diet, however Minoxidil is recommended to stimulate Hair re-growth.

For further information on the cause and treatment of hair loss, visit our websites at: Hair Hunter

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