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How To Choose A Home Based Business

Posted by Oze Parrot on 31st October 2006

Business CenterThe economical environment, that governs our existence these days, has lead hundreds of thousands of people to realize that operating a Home Based Business is more rewarding, and certainly more secure, than being employed by a company.

There are quite a number of advantages to working at home, not the least, is being your own boss and not having to commute. Other favorable aspects of having a Home Based Business are, of course, the freedom of not having to work specific hours and to be justly rewarded for your efforts… Read Story Here

Home Based Business

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Raising A Second Home Mortgage

Posted by Oze Parrot on 27th October 2006

A Second Home Mortgage is a loan, that is secured against a property, that is subordinate to another loan which has been previously Raised against the said property. The Second Mortgage therefore, will be settled after the first Mortgage, in the event of foreclosure.

Cash MoneyActually, a property can be mortgaged several times. The second and subsequent loans attracting higher interest rates because of the greater risk involved. Depending on the value of the property and the amount borrowed with the first Mortgage, there may not be enough funds to completely settle the second Mortgage if a foreclosure takes place during a market recession.

A Second Mortgages is called a subordinate Mortgage because should the loan be foreclosed, the first Mortgage is completely settled before the second Mortgage can claim. Second mortgages are higher risk loans therefore they command a higher rate of interest.

If the terms of a second mortgage are favorable, it may be possible for you to refinance the Mortgage. That is, if you wish to reduce your monthly repayments or you need to invest in another project. Refinancing is an alternative way of paying off a mortgage, reducing the current interest rate and reducing the monthly repayments. Raising a Second Mortgage is a great way to finalize all your debts and give you some cash in hand.

In most instances, a poor credit rating is not a barrier to Raising A Second Mortgage. A Second Mortgage can actually reduce your monthly repayments and put some money in your pocket that will enable you to carry out any needed home improvements, or maybe just buy the kids a treat. There are many Mortgage brokers that are prepared to present you with a variety of Second Mortgage or refinancing proposals. Take advantage of these services and don’t let a poor credit history deter you.

The lending market is quite competitive and many money lending organizations are in a position to approve A Second Mortgage or a refinancing loan within twenty four hours. You could have some extra cash in hand and be saving on your monthly repayments by tomorrow.

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Rice Grain – A Natural Energy Source

Posted by Oze Parrot on 23rd October 2006

Rice is a semi-aquatic grass that thrives in tropical and subtropical wetland areas.

Originating in China and Asia, researchers believe that Rice cultivation has been practiced in these countries for at least 9,000 years, or more. Today, many countries grow Rice for their domestic and export markets, and indications are that, half of the world’s population depend on Rice for the basis of their diet.

Brown RiceRice Grain is A Natural Energy Source that is high in carbohydrates, contains a certain amount of protein and vitamin B6 with zero fat or cholesterol levels. Rice does contain a small amount of sugar and a minute quantity of salt, but it has no additives or preservatives.

These qualities, make Rice an ideal choice for weight watchers who want to shed a few pounds or at least control their weight. The versatility of Rice is evident as it can be prepared as an entree, a main dish or a desert.

Ideally, Rice is grown in fields where the water level can be controlled. Because of it’s tolerance to water, Rice is grown in fields or paddies filled with water to a depth of about 18 inches (45cm), where the plants will thrive, unhindered by weeds.

These water filled Rice fields, also provide a habitat for frogs and fish, as well as a sanctuary for many species of birds, which effectively protect the young Rice plants from any insect pests, thus negating the use of chemical pesticides.

Rice, is the world’s most consumed cereal grain and the third largest crop in the world.

Australia has become a major player in the world production of Rice, by producing a quantity of high grade Rice that, not only sustains the home market, but also fills export orders to seventy two countries from around the world, with enough rice to provide forty million people with their daily Rice requisites.

Chinese gold prospectors, working in the Queensland gold fields, were the ones that first brought Rice seeds to Australia in the year 1850. Later, the Victorian government allocated a 200 acre tract of land, along the banks of the Murray river, for the establishment of a commercial Rice crop.

The first saleable crop from this venture was realised in 1914. The commercial attributes of growing Rice spread to the Murrumbidgee irrigation area where the first commercial crop was raised in 1924.

The Rice fields in the Murrumbidgee and Murray river basins have expanded and, using modern techniques that employ aerial seeding, mechanical harvesting and a reduction in the usage of water, Australia has become a world leader in the marketing of a various types of high quality Rice Grain.

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Health Essential-Safe Drinking Water

Posted by Oze Parrot on 6th October 2006

Safe Drinking Water, or potable Water, is Water that is considered to be uncontaminated and safe for human consumption.

A source of potable Water is Essential, not only for human survival, but also for maintaining a healthy body and therefore improving one’s quality of life. Water is necessary for the digestion of food, proper kidney function, ridding the body of wastes, prevention of fluid retention, and keeping our body trim.

Glass of WaterDieticians recommend that an average adult person needs to consume two liters, or four pints, of Water per day to sustain a healthy body. An overweight person needs to drink proportionally more Water to achieve the same results, as they have to dispose of more wastes. Also, an adequate intake of Water will help them to control their weight.

Drinking ample quantities of Water is Essential for people that want to lose some weight. Drinking more Water will curb the appetite, get the kidneys functioning correctly and thus allow the liver to process more stored fat into energy. More often than not, when one feels hungry, Drinking a long glass of Water will suppress the pangs of hunger, as what the body is really asking for, is a drink of Water.

Water should be taken at regular intervals throughout the day from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Naturally, during exercise periods it will be necessary to Drink more Water, as well as in very warm conditions, when the body sweats and lost fluids need to be replaced.

Water can also help to control blood pressure by ridding the body of an excess of salt. Salt is also a cause of fluid retention as the body stores fluid in order to dilute the salt.

The average person is able to exist for a number of weeks without any food, however one cannot survive more than a few days without any Drinking Water. The human body has no means of storing Water, therefore a regular supply is needed to flush our systems and replace the fluids lost through normal bodily functions.

Pure, fresh Water is unique and it’s qualities cannot be replaced by beverages such as tea, coffee or alcohol, so no matter what else you drink you still must drink an adequate amount of Water to maintain a healthy body.

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