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Home Improvement – Calculating The Project Cost

Posted by Oze Parrot on 9th November 2006

Before embarking on a Home Improvement Project it is always wise to calculate what the total cost is likely to be, within reason. This will ensure that you have enough money to see the job through to completion, as well as to allow a few extra dollars for any unexpected costs that may arise, along the way.

Home PlanningOnce you have decided on what materials are needed, determined the costs and established a budget, it is time to look for bargain sales, discounts and auction sales where your budget expenses can be cut, thus allowing you a bit extra for added embellishments. These extras could even be that of engaging a tradesman who might add a few finishing touches to your work.

Keep on the lookout for sales in the handy man’s section of the local hardware stores. Generally, materials that are sold in this section of the store are designed for the do-it-yourself home owner, are easy to work with and only basic tools are needed to use them.

Should your Home Improvement Project be of a specialised nature, such as a ducted heating or cooling system, then obviously, the services of a tradesman will be required. Choosing the correct contractor for the job will also require a deal of ground work on your part.

Get in touch with contractors in your area and apply for quotes for the work to be done. Also talk to your family, friends and neighbours asking them if they have, or know people who have, had similar work carried out in the past. Any recommendations that you may get from people who are known to you, are definitely worth following up.

As soon as you have engaged a contractor, notify your volunteer labour force of family, friends and neighbours, so as to organise their efforts around those of the tradesmen. This way, there will be no conflict or interference with your contractor’s work schedule.

By carefully Calculating the Cost of a Home Improvement Project, organising volunteers and carefully selecting skilled tradesmen, the successful and timely completion of your Home Improvement Project is assured.

For further information visit our websites at: Home Improvement and Home Improvement Guide

Oze Parrot :-)

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Home Office – Comfortable and Practical

Posted by Oze Parrot on 8th November 2006

Choosing the best place for a Home Office is not always easy and requires a good deal of thought. Once your business gains momentum you don’t want to be faced with the dilemma of having to relocate all of your Office equipment, just because the original location you chose, is unsuitable.

Home OfficeIf funds are available, it may be wise to have a registered tradesman add an extra room to your house. The builder will be able to give you good advice about choosing the best part of your home to extend, where to place doors, windows and awnings. The addition to your home, while improving the market value of the property, will also give you the desired level of comfort and privacy you need, as well as give your business a professional look.

If the space or the funds are not available then it may be possible to use the garage, provided that you can relocate your motor car, and provided that the area is suitable for all of your Home Office needs.

Alternative areas could be a cellar or an attic. Of course, these areas would be unsuitable if you wanted to entertain clients during the course of your business dealings. These days, however, most business transactions can be accomplished over the telephone or the Internet, by using Power Point presentations, Web Conferencing facilities and photo galleries.

For those who live in apartments or small premises, and do not have the luxury of being able to extend their building, they must adapt to conducting their business from a corner in a bedroom or a niche under the stairway. Even though this situation may not sound ideal, by thoughtfully utilising the available space you can make your Home Office Comfortable and Practical.

By taking the time to properly design the layout of your Home Office, no matter what the size, you will be able to personalise your work place making it Comfortable and Practical.

Oh, and don’t forget to get your self the most comfortable Office chair that you can afford. Your body will thank you.

For further information visit our websites at: Office Hunter and Office Guide

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Home Based Business Startup Budget

Posted by Oze Parrot on 1st November 2006

The ability to establish a Home Based Business on a very modest Startup Budget is a contributing factor to the popularity of such a venture. There is no rent to pay on a business premises, no extra bills such as power, ‘phone or out goings that are normally associated with a rented Business premises.

Your OfficeThere are, however, certain Startup costs that are unavoidable. There is always a certain amount of office equipment that is required and depending on the type of Business that you are venturing into there could be a quantity of holding stock.

Some refurbishing may have to be carried out to make your office area suitable, particularly if you will need to entertain prospective customers. Your Budget must provide for the costs of advertising the launch of your Home Based Business, and if necessary, some signage in front of, or around, your home.

Anybody that is about to start up a Home Based Business would be well advised to engage the services of a mentor. Being advised by a professional, who is conversant with the operation of your business, but who directs you from outside of your enterprise, is a very valuable source and one that could lead you to an early success.

Having a passion for your product and a burning desire to be a successful Business person, you must accept the fact that from time to time some problems will occur. Your enthusiasm must not be daunted by these problematic events and in fact you should show renewed vigor during the problem solving process.

It is ultimately up to you to deal with all facets of your Home Based Business, problems included. Solving certain problems may incur an unexpected cost that must be met. Make sure that you have set aside extra funds for any unexpected problem solving that may occur, in your initial Budget of Startup costs.

For further information visit our websites at: Home Based Business

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