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Viral Marketing An Internet Marketers Strategy

Posted by Oze Parrot on 21st April 2007

The aim of every Internet marketer is to establish and retain a large client list, it is however, probably the hardest task of all to accomplish. E-mail advertising was once a very successful medium for acquiring a personal list of would be customers, either by direct mailing campaigns or through the use of safelists.

Viral MarketingDuring the past couple of years the effectiveness of E-mail marketing has steadily declined to a point where it is not reliable and completely unpredictable. There are several reasons for this, the introduction of spam laws, advanced e-mail filtering systems, the introduction of list blasters and automatic e-mail box cleaners, amongst others.

First appearing on the Internet in the mid ’90s, Viral Marketing was overshadowed by FFAs, message boards and safelists, but today, it has emerged in various forms to become one of the Internet Marketers most productive list building tools. This marketing Strategy, if used correctly, can effortlessly generate a seemingly endless stream of sign-ups that will rapidly expand any business venture.

Viral Marketing is akin to word of mouth advertising, and by getting your customers to place your Tell-a-Friend code on their pages, that’s exactly what is happening. They are happy with the product and pass a link on to their visitors who in turn sign-up in order to get further information about the product.

Your sales are creating more sales, that’s what it is all about. Of course, their are many ways to create this phenomena. A weekly newsletter containing useful info and a couple of freebies will keep your readers interested. A Blog is a great way to interact with your list members as you have the facility to allow readers to write comments and even to post their own articles which can also attract comments.

Then there is the E-book, the ultimate Viral Marketing tool. Write your own E-book that contains info about your product or service with links to your web sites and a few useful tools that readers can download after signing up for your list, newsletter or whatever. Give this E-book away as a bonus or gift to members of your list who will pass it on to members of their lists. Also publicise it on your blog as a sound information article about your product, so the search engines will index it.

SMS texting is also fast becoming a productive means of Viral Marketing and, as modern technology advances and introduces more communication devices, I am sure that Viral Marketing will continue to dominate the Internet Marketing industry.

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Private Label Rights Articles For Content

Posted by Oze Parrot on 19th April 2007

Once that you have determined a suitable niche product and hosted your web site, in order to get it ranked by the search engines and to keep it ranked, you will need to regularly publish fresh content on your site.

Article ContentI have found that the best method of doing that is to publish keyword rich and informative Articles that directly relate to your niche product. The search engines love original content and if you can provide fresh Articles regularly then your site will be quickly indexed and receive high rankings, it will also be refreshing for your visitors to find a site that provides sound information.

If you have a flair for writing and a thorough knowledge of the subject, then it is not a hardship to publish a few Articles every week. You will be branded as an expert in your particular niche, your site will be well ranked and your niche product will be promoted, via the search engines.

On the other hand, if your writing skills are not your best asset, or most of your time is spent in other areas of the promotion and development of your business, then you will need to either hire a ghost writer or purchase Private Label Rights Articles.

A ghost writer, who will provide you with well researched, good quality, unique articles of 500 words or more would command anywhere between eight and twelve dollars per Article. PLR Articles can be purchased for as low as 25 cents per Article.

There are many places on the Internet that advertise PLR Articles, mostly membership sites that provide a certain number of Articles per month. Some of these clubs supply good quality Articles while others do not. Now, once you have looked around and selected a suitable source of PLR Articles, you begin to receive 30 or more Articles per month that apply to your niche product. That’s great, but they will require a certain amount of editing.

Why should I edit Private Label Rights Articles, you may ask?

Consider this, the program that you belong to supplies other members with the very same Articles relating to your niche that you receive every month. Depending on the program, the number of members getting a copy of the same Article may be restricted to anywhere between two and five hundred publishers. Some of these people may send the Articles to their own lists as a bonus or use them as a tool to recruit more sign-ups.

The point is, that there are hundreds of copies of your PLR Articles in the hands of other publishers. By using the 80/20 rule of thumb, let’s consider that 20% of members may alter the title and the intro, while 10% also alter 30% of the content and maybe, 5% rewrite the entire Article. So, your PLR Article is not unique unless it is thoroughly edited.

These days, the search engines are quite particular about sites that contain duplicate content, in fact to continually post duplicate content is a really quick way to get your site dropped from the rankings. That means that any fresh Articles you publish on your site must be unique as well as content rich, in order to impress the search engines.

Now, you may be asking, why bother with PLR Articles?

Well, if you are getting good quality Private Label Rights Articles they are going to save you a lot of time, because the research has already been done, the facts are accurate, the content is complete with a title, opening paragraph and a conclusion. In other words the basics, the ideas and the format are all there, ready for you to edit.

By going through the Article one paragraph at a time and rewriting it in your own words, a good 500 word Article can be turned into your unique Article in about 30 minutes. And, don’t forget to insert the keywords that you have used within the body of your Article in the new title.

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Manual Traffic Exchange Traffic

Posted by Oze Parrot on 14th April 2007

An extremely good flow of Traffic can be obtained by using Manual Traffic Exchanges, or TE’s. This is an ideal way for newbies to start promoting their profile, product or web site, as this method of advertising is very affordable, even free, if one chooses not to upgrade. All it takes is a little effort and by spending 15-30 minutes of your time 3 or 4 days a week surfing for credits.

Traffic FlowThere are many Manual Traffic Exchange programs to be found on the net, most of them operate along the same lines, that is; a surfer views a site for a predetermined time, either 10, 20 or 30 seconds then clicks on to the next site, and so on.

In return for viewing a number of sites, the surfer will have his site viewed by other surfers at a ratio of 2:1, so for every 2 sites viewed the surfer will have his site displayed once to other surfers.

It is a good idea to join several TEs to broaden your range of potential visitors, as well as to familiarize your self with the various methods that are used by different Traffic Exchange programs.

Which TEs should I join?

Well, that is really a matter of personal preference although there are a few basics that should be considered, like the surfing ratio, cost to upgrade and service provided.

One of my favourite TEs is: Traffic Exchange

The script is excellent, there are no hoops to jump through, no silly games to play, which only interrupt your surfing, no frame breakers, no Trojans and very good service. Just click on your surfing link, start surfing and receive your hits.

You will find other reputable TEs promoted on this Exchange, so it shouldn’t be too long before you become a member of 8 or 10 Traffic Exchanges and sort out the most suitable ones for you to work with. It is best to steer clear of those TEs that constantly display frame breakers or Trojans and don’t deliver your Hits. Always track your pages to make sure that you are receiving your hits.

Please, don’t expect a flood of Traffic overnight from the TEs, because that is not going to happen. People have got to get used to seeing your pages and get to know the person behind them. You must promote yourself and your image as well as your product. This all takes time, in the mean time, experiment with your pages, make sure that they load quickly and are aimed to capture the viewers attention. Your persistence will be rewarded with an ever increasing flow of Traffic from the Manual Traffic Exchanges.

For further information visit our web site at: Home Based Business

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Vitamin B5, Prevents Acne and Supports Healthy Skin

Posted by Oze Parrot on 12th April 2007

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is one of the eight Vitamins that is part of the B Complex group and it is imperative that the body receives a daily intake of this essential nutrient in order for it to perform many routine tasks effectively. This potent group of Vitamins is necessary for the proper performance of most major bodily functions as well as maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Vitamin B5 SourceVitamin B5, partners with the remainder of the B complex group of Vitamins to enable the body to extract energy from our food during the process of digestion. This, in turn, provides energy that enables the body to perform it’s multitude of daily tasks. The Vitamin B complex group works in the regular maintenance and repair of all bodily tissues, from the cellular level up. This makes Vitamin B5 a major contributor to the body’s efforts to fight the physical damage that is caused by excessive stress.

Vitamin B5 assists with many important functions in the nervous system. Among the contributions that Vitamin B5 makes to the nervous system is the production of neurotransmitters, a means by which the body’s nerves communicate.

Because of it’s important role in the growth of Healthy Skin and hair, it is a necessary aid in the prevention of Acne and the maintenance of the body’s Skin. Vitamin B5 is used frequently in a variety of cosmetic products that Prevent Acne and enhance the appearance of one’s skin.

Vitamin B5, must be present in the body in order for other B complex Vitamins to perform, as well as to assist other nutrients to function correctly. Vitamin B5, is necessary for the production of hormones and the proper function of the adrenal glands.

A Vitamin B5 Deficiency can result in a number of physical ailments as well as some mental disorders. Physical symptoms include hay fever, lack of adrenal secretions and related diseases. Other Physical symptoms are fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakened immune system, abdominal pain, neurological disorders, muscle weakness and cramps, increased insulin sensitivity, Acne, digestive problems, and slow or retarded growth.

Mental symptoms of Vitamin B5 include depression, personality disorders and change, sleep disturbances, and insomnia, which tend to magnify most of the other deficiency symptoms.

According to the FDA, adults should have about 10mg of Vitamin B5 per day, with women increasing their daily intake to 12mg to 15mg while pregnant or breast feeding. Children, depending on size and weight, should have about 3mg to 5mg of Vitamin B5 each day.

The importance of the Vitamin B complex for physical Health and mental functioning cannot be overstated. For optimum performance of the body and the mind, including cognitive functions and emotional responses, stability and healthy, Acne free skin, the standard recommended daily intake levels of these vitamins should be achieved every day. The B complex group of Vitamins are soluble and therefore flushed from our bodies daily, thus the body’s supply of these essential nutrients must be renewed on a daily basis.

Should the body require an intake of additional Vitamins, supplements are a safe and easy way to reach your daily nutritional needs, provided that dosage instructions are closely followed. Exceeding the body’s daily nutrient requirements can be just as detrimental to ones health as having a nutrient deficiency. The body’s system should be correctly balanced in order for it to maintain peak performance.

For further information visit our web site at:

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Natural Remedies are in Abundance

Posted by Oze Parrot on 10th April 2007

There is a Natural Remedy for just about every ailment that man suffers from, knowing how to find the correct one to fix a particular complaint is the trick. Unlike pharmaceuticals, Natural Remedies are not identified as a relief for a certain ailment or packaged and labelled with dosage instructions.

Natural Remedies are in Abundance in China, Japan India and South East Asia, and there are a number of common Natural Remedies that are widely recognised, and used by countless thousands of people from around the world to treat the most common complaints.

Aloe VeraThere are a variety of teas that can be taken to improve our normal bodily functions. Green tea, is an internal body cleansing agent that aids digestion and also supports the immune system. Green tea has been recognised as a beneficial medicine, in China and Japan, for over a thousand years.

The properties of green teas provide benefits to our vital organs, particularly the heart, stimulates the brain and reduces fatigue. Green teas are used as treatments for arthritis, Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis and high cholesterol levels.

By speaking to a trained consultant at a local health food store you will get advice on which Natural products and herbs will be the most effective for the relief of a particular ailment. Garlic is commonly used as a deterrent for colds and ‘flu, it is also widely used to lower blood pressure, assist the heart and support the immune system.

Citrus fruits are a Natural source of vitamin C and contain high levels of the vitamin. Vitamin C is a Natural Remedy for colds and ‘flu, is essential to the body and needs to be taken daily. Vitamin C prevents scurvy, assists in the prevention of lead poisoning, fights certain cancer cells and has been used in the treatment of a wide variety of infections and poisons.

There are many vitamins, minerals and elements to be found in Natural Remedies. Aloe Vera, apple cider, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, grape seed, St John’s wart, tea, pumpkin seeds, vinegar, and zinc are but a few of the available Natural Remedies being used to treat a wide range of complaints from hair loss to toe nail fungus.

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Skin Cancer – Forms Causes and Awareness

Posted by Oze Parrot on 8th April 2007

A Skin cancer generally develops in the skin’s outer layer, making any abnormal swelling or discolored patch readily visible. Skin Cancer therefore, can almost always be detected and dealt with in the early stages of development.

Basal Cell CarcinomaThe most prevalent Form of Skin Cancer is Basal Cell Carcinoma which, if allowed to develop can be quite disfiguring, however it is not contagious and will not infect other body areas. BCC is mostly attributed to excessive exposure to direct sunlight, particularly during our childhood and adolescent years. The once popular method of gaining an indoor body tan by using an ultra violet lamp can also cause Skin Cancer.

People with fair skin are particularly prone to Skin Cancer, as are people who work out doors, and those who live within the tropics, the area of the world that has the most daylight hours. Persons that have been exposed to insecticide sprays or weed killers containing the metallic element arsenic, are also at risk of developing Skin Cancer.

About thirty percent of Skin Cancer outbreaks occur in areas of the body that have little or no exposure to direct sunlight, which indicates that persons with a family history of Skin Cancer are at risk of developing Skin Cancer whether or not they have been over exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

The early treatment of any Form of Skin Cancer is advisable, if an outbreak is left untreated, it will continue to destroy surrounding skin tissue and cause irreparable damage that could ultimately result in death.

Squamous Cell CarcinomaAny sore or lesion that refuses to heal should be regarded with suspicion and brought to the attention of your medical practitioner. Irritable skin patches that are of a reddish brown color, a dominant colored pimple that continues to grow without any sign of discomfort should also be regarded with suspicion along with any abnormal growths or the appearance of patches of scarred looking tissue.

United States authorities expect that almost a million new cases of BCC will be reported this year alone.

Squamous cell carcinoma is a less common form of skin cancer, with about a quarter million new cases being recorded in the US during the past year. Although SCCs only account for about a quarter of non malignant carcinomas, they can pose a much more serious threat if left untreated, as they have the ability to spread to other parts of the body including the ears, lips, mouth, esophagus, prostate, and cervix. Early detection and treatment is essential in order to avoid serious disfigurement and possible loss of life.

Melanoma MalignumThe least common Form of Skin Cancer is melanoma, with about 100,000 incidents expected to be recorded this year in the US. This type of cancer is very aggressive and must be treated in it’s early stages, otherwise it can spread rapidly to other parts of the body, become difficult to treat and result in the patient’s death.

*At present, an estimated 10,850 people will die of skin cancer this year, 8,110 from melanoma and 2,740 from other skin cancers such as BCC and SCC.

*Source: American Cancer Society’s 2007 Facts & Figures.

For further information visit our websites at: Health Hunter

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How Brave Is My Aunty

Posted by Oze Parrot on 5th April 2007

My Aunty was raised in a small village in one of the country’s far flung provinces. She and her family lived primitively in rustic conditions with very limited facilities.

My Brave AuntyThroughout My Aunty’s early years of schooling, she proved to be bright, intelligent and industrious, always ready to help with family chores and assist with the marketing of items during festive occasions as well as attending school functions and church celebrations.

When Aunty graduated from high school it was impossible for her to continue studying as there were no funds available to send her to college, so she occupied herself with household duties and waited for the day that her future spouse would arrive. Previously, one of her Aunties, who lived overseas, had promised My Aunty that she would find a man for her to marry, so that she too could move overseas and enjoy a better lifestyle.

One of My Aunty’s brothers had three young children who lived with Aunty and her parents. Her brother lived in the city where he worked and the children’s Mom cared for the kids until she obtained a position as a domestic helper in an overseas country, so that she too could contribute to the support of the family. My Aunty then cared for the three young children and helped to raise them.

My Aunty humbly accepted this situation and dutifully cared for the kids, tended the plants and animals at home as well as helping her mother with the domestic chores. My Aunty lived a sheltered life, the only social life that she had was attending religious functions and festivals with the kids and members of her family.

Several years later, My Aunty’s future spouse arrived accompanied by her aunt, it was thirteen years after her promise to find a man for My Aunty. Formalities were performed, arrangements made and a wedding was planned. My Brave Aunty married this strange man who, after a couple of weeks returned to his home country. Life for my Aunty returned to the same boring routine, apart from a couple of trips to the embassy to apply for a visa to join her spouse.

Nearly a year had elapsed before a visa was granted to my Aunty, the strange man sent her a one-way plane ticket and accompanied by her Father, My Aunty travelled to the international airport where My Aunty entered the departure lounge alone and anxiously waited to board an airplane. My Brave Aunty had no television at home, she had never seen an airplane or been to a busy international airport before, she was very inexperienced and unaccustomed to big city living, yet here she was boarding this huge flying monster along with another two hundred people.

My Brave Aunty must have been absolutely terrified!

After surviving the take-off and landing, the flight was uneventful, even pleasant. My Brave Aunty must have been quite anxious as she entered the airport arrival lounge in her new home country. She had only a limited command of this foreign language, she carried no money, her only possessions were the clothes that she was wearing and a small handbag that contained her papers, a tooth brush and a spare pair of knickers. Would the strange man be here, would she know him? What would she do if she couldn’t find him?

Finally, My Aunty saw him standing alone at the meeting place, as it turned out, it was the strange man who did not recognise My Aunty until she spoke to him. They got reacquainted then went to the car and drove for a few hours to her Aunty’s place where they stayed for a couple of days.

The strange man then took My Aunty to his place, which was in a small farming community, far away from any city and a long way from her only relative in this strange country. No body else in her new home town spoke her language so My Aunty had to learn and use the strange language, and learn it she did. My aunty studied a language conversion dictionary, watched television game and quiz shows, spoke to the strange man as often as she could and other people to improve her language skills.

Soon, My Aunty got work in a vineyard thinning and picking grapes, once again she had to use the new language to take instructions and to communicate with fellow workers as nobody else spoke her native tongue. She studied relentlessly and looked after the strange man and continued to do so when she got work in a packing shed processing citrus fruit. This entailed her working twelve hour days, seven days a week.

The strange man eventually moved back to the city where they operated a restaurant, My Aunty now spoke the strange language fluently and it was time to put her culinary skills to work. When the strange man reached retirement age he and My Aunty moved again to another city where Aunty got work in a small fruit packing shed, and also in a fish factory.

My Aunty is now a citizen of this once strange country and has acquired so many new skills, she has obtained a licence to drive after a most stringent examination and expertly tools the strange mans car through high traffic areas of the city, making her entirely independent.

At Present, My Aunty still works in the fish factory with a group of women that come from her native country. The work is hard, smelly and demeaning, it is not work that everyone can do or would want to do, as most days she has sore hands, aching limbs and comes home absolutely exhausted.

The job at the fish factory is contract labour where an employee gets paid per piece rather than by the hour. My Aunty is the gun in the fish factory, that means that she is the fastest processor and the highest earner, and that is only because she drives herself hard and strives to be the best.

All of these things that I have spoken of are trials and tribulations that My Aunty has endured, in order to support her parents and help her family members to attain a higher education level so that they too, can avail themselves of the opportunity to enjoy a better lifestyle and not have to suffer the indignities of poverty.

How Brave Is My Aunty?

My Brave Aunty also publishes the website at: Erly Pro

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