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Single Moms Resources

Posted by Oze Parrot on 4th May 2007

Resources for Single Moms vary according to the individual’s circumstances, which part of the US that they live in and the state laws that govern social assistance projects for Single parents in that particular area. This is most disturbing for the majority of people who are working towards improving the lifestyle of sole parent families. Most people are unaware of this situation which, is a distressing fact of life, for a growing section of our community.

Mom and BabyThe simple fact is, that in most cases, a Single Mom is forced to get work so that she can pay the household bills and save a bit of “rainy day” money in order to tide her family over during times of illness or accident. This not only takes a mother away from her primary role of caring for her child but forces her to do menial tasks that will only generate a very small income.

To gain a well paid position that will provide the added Resources that a Single Mom needs will require a certain amount of advanced skills. In most cases this will necessitate doing an advanced study course, which will incur a cost, as well as take up lots of valuable time.

Not all Single Moms Resource programs allow for the cost of child day care center facilities, in fact child day care center charges may erode any earnings that a working Mom receives, to a mere pittance. Women that accept this situation, do however, have a real chance of gaining work experience and place themselves in a better position to apply for a job that commands a higher salary. The result is that this group of Single Moms will feel better in themselves, attain a raised level of self esteem and set higher goals to be aimed for in their future endeavours.

Women, who lapse in a moment of passion, fall pregnant and become Single Moms are in desperate need of social welfare and assistance from state government Resources. Privately run programs do provide invaluable assistance for Single Moms, however their Resources are limited which means that the individual needs help from their family and friends as well as local government bodies.

A system that supports a woman through her pregnancy and the initial stages of child rearing has to be established on a national scale forthwith, otherwise this growing group of citizens will be ostracized and their offspring penalized.

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