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Smoking, The Reason to Quit

Posted by Oze Parrot on 23rd June 2007

I had my first cigarette when I was eight years old. In those days, it was fashionable to smoke, my older brothers practised the habit and, there was a certain distinction about a kid who could drag down a fag and not be violently ill.

Smoke in HandOf course, smoking was purely a social recreation at that stage and hardly habitual, until I was older when it developed into a pack a day dependency. I continued to smoke for many years and while I was young, I suffered no apparent ill effects from indulging in the habit.

There were no serious health concerns for smokers then, the only negative statements come from older people who did not smoke and consisted of “smoking will stunt your growth”. This however, was not supported by the fact that a countless number of smokers where six feet plus tall.

As the years rolled by I developed a compulsive cough and was prone to regular bouts of bronchitis. My sense of smell was almost non existent, my appetite was poor and food was tasteless. Health concerns were brought home to me as my body became lethargic and any strenuous exertion left me breathless.

I made an attempt to cut down on my smoking, as I had done in the past, but I didn’t want to stop smoking, because I really enjoyed a cigarette. Naturally, my feeble attempts to “cut down” were not successful and my health started to deteriorate, noticeably.

The government of the day introduced an anti smoking campaign warning people of the health risks associated with smoking. Tobacco companies were required to put warning labels on cigarette packs and tobacco taxes were being raised at an alarming rate. This campaign was not sincere though, as it lacked the fortitude to totally ban the production of tobacco products.

Bronchitis was a constant affliction and bouts of ‘flu and pleurisy were becoming more regular. The health warnings were omnipresent and once again I considered cutting down the number of smokes that I had per day. This however, was not a sincere attempt to quit the habit, as I still really enjoyed a smoke.

The day came however, that I realised smoking tobacco was making me sick and if I continued to use the product I would become terminally ill. I awoke just after dawn as usual and savoured the warmth and comfort of my bed for some time before I decided that I was breathing easily, felt good and looking forward to the daily chores. I put my feet on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, I could here the rooster crowing and the animals stirring. All was well.

Then I stood up, and as I moved towards the wardrobe, I started to cough uncontrollably. I spent all of ten minutes with my head between my knees, coughing up copious amounts of phlegm and mucous garbage before I was able to attend to my toiletries and get dressed.

I went out and attended to my chores and the day passed as per usual, but for one exception, I did not take a smoke.

Finally, I had found the reason to give up smoking, that was, that it was making me sick. If I continued to smoke then the practice would kill me. I kept thinking of that day when I stood in my bedroom with my head between my knees, coughing incessantly, praying for release from this dreadful drug that possessed my body and mind.

Sure, I continued to cough for a while and I developed pseudo hunger pains that food couldn’t satisfy but after two weeks I was in control. My sense of smell returned, I could actually taste my food, my hunger pains subsided, and in the morning, I could stand erect and breathe easily.

Tobacco is a drug and smoking tobacco is addictive. Quitting the habit takes a great degree of determination. What better reason is there to quit smoking, than for the sake of your health?

For further information visit our web site at: Smokers Health Guide

Oze Parrot :-)

Niche Hunter

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Oze Barbecue – Outdoor Fire, Food and Fun

Posted by Oze Parrot on 18th June 2007

My earliest recollection of a barbecue was that of a brick unit, set well away from the house, sheltered by a massive ghost gum that provided shade and some protection from the elements. The design was pretty basic, a firebox built under a rectangular steel plate with a flue at the rear that drew the fire into a short chimney and sent smoke spiraling in a heavenly direction.

Gas BBQOperation was also fairly simple, gather a good supply of firewood, get a healthy fire going in the firebox until the steel plate is really hot then dowse the plate with an ample amount of cold water. This effectively cleaned the plate of any grease, grime or other nasties and provided us with a clean, hygienic cooking surface.

The fire at this stage, would consist of a mass of glowing embers that generated an even supply of heat to the BBQ plate which, could then be coated with a film of cooking oil. When the temperature of the BBQ plate stabilised, then it was time to throw on the meat.

We used to sit around on a couple of chairs and a few makeshift stumps, eating our barbecued meal, that might consist of: steak, snags, rissoles, chicken, fish or prawns, even rabbit, and a bit of side salad provided by the ladies. The end result was always the same, the meal was absolutely scrumptious. Nothing can compare with a fine steak or a few prawns cooked over a wood fire.

Nowadays, things are a bit different. The backyard is not so big, there’s no giant ghost gum, nor is there a ready supply of firewood. The neighbours are a bit closer, smoke creates a hazard and local ordinances ban the lighting of fires in the open.

The family Barbie now has to be conducted in the confinement of the patio or a designated area alongside the backyard pool. This means that the traditional brick BBQ unit has vanished and has been replaced by a modern metal structure on wheels that is fueled by LPG.

The advantages of having a modern, gas powered BBQ unit are many. The BBQ can be stored discretely in it’s own niche which, protects the unit from the weather, keeps it clean and saves the patio or pool area from becoming cluttered. When a Barbie is planned it’s a simple matter to wheel the BBQ out and place it in a suitable position, lift the hood, turn on the gas and light the burner.

When the guests arrive, they are served with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, they settle back to watch the current sports event on the wide screen teev while the meat is sizzling. No smoke, no mess, no annoying insects ’cause the electronic zapper takes care of them, the air is filled with the aroma of grilled steaks and the sounds of a friendly gathering.

This all sounds great when one leads a busy lifestyle and attends a BBQ out of duty rather than to have an enjoyable outing and relax in the company of friends. No chores to perform at all, apart from fronting and most definitely no fun.

The fun, of course, starts with the attendees banding together to prepare the BBQ site, help collect the firewood, free the area of spiders, ants and other bities and above all enjoy each others company. Start the fire, clean the plate, appreciate the glow of an open fire and savor the taste of real outdoor cooking.

The modern gas Barbie has a lot of advantages, however it can never compete with the capacity of the original outdoor Barbie to bond family and friends together in unity, harmony and friendship.

For further information visit our web site at: Barbecue and Outdoor Cooking

Oze Parrot :-)

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Avoid Foreclosure by Refinancing Your Mortgage

Posted by Oze Parrot on 7th June 2007

You are young, have a good job, work hard, raise a mortgage and buy a home, which is possibly the biggest single investment that you will ever make. That’s fine, the children are young, the job pays well, the mortgage repayments remain stable and you and your family are quite comfortable.

Money HouseSeveral years pass by, and for one reason or another, the mortgage repayments become a burden. There are a number of factors that contribute to this situation, your family is growing, inflation rates are increasing, the value of the dollar is decreasing, property values in your area are rising, along with council rates and also interest rates have escalated.

Unfortunately, any wage increases that you may have had, have not kept pace with your continually increasing household expenses. Without the aid of an unforeseen windfall, this means a drastic lifestyle change with the possibility of a foreclosure.

The alternative, of course, is to refinance your mortgage which will substantially lower your mortgage repayments, allow you to maintain your standard of living and secure your initial investment.

When refinancing your home mortgage there are several pitfalls to be avoided.

Be mindful of the fact that you will be doing business with this mortgage company or brokerage for many years so you will need to choose wisely. Make sure that you are dealing with a well known company and engage the services of a reputable financial adviser who will inform you of any terms or conditions, written into the refinancing company’s agreement, that may not be in your best interest.

An independent financial advisor will have a large number of money lending institutions from which to choose, and therefore, should be able to provide you with an acceptable refinancing plan.

There are many types of refinancing loans including, complete term loans, overdraft loans or loans with a redraw facility. Things to watch out for are the penalty clauses, the interest rate structure and the companies terms and services agreement.

Are there any penalties for early settlement? Make sure that the loan company is not enforcing exorbitant penalties for early settlement.

Are the interest rates fixed, if so, for how long? Make sure that the loan company does not have an interest rate hike built into the agreement after the first year.

A loan that has fixed interest rates could result in a great saving by reducing the amount of interest you will have to pay over the term of the loan. On the other hand, a fixed interest loan agreement will incur a higher monthly premium. A flexible interest rate is somewhat cheaper in the short term, but your premiums will increase accordingly with any increase in interest rates. It is therefore advisable to have your initial interest rate fixed for the first three years of the loan.

Seek advice from reliable sources. A reputable mortgage broker will professionally guide you through the steps that you need to take to refinance your mortgage, which will save your home from foreclosure, retain your lifestyle and possibly, save your marriage.

For further information visit our web site at: Home Mortgage solutions

Oze Parrot :-)

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Niche Marketing Where Is It – The Ebook

Posted by Oze Parrot on 2nd June 2007

An Ebook has been recently published that will benefit any newcomer to the world of Niche Marketing.

This Niche Marketing Ebook, is a concise, online guide that demonstrates how anyone can search the Internet market place and discover hidden niches that may be a profitable niche market resource.

Niche Marketing Where Is It - Ebook ThumbMany graphs and diagrams are included throughout the Ebook to guide the reader through the demonstration. The images are accompanied by an explanation of the purpose of the tools and how to use them.

Comprising of 21 pages, the Ebook contains a lot of valuable information for anyone that intends to develop a Niche Market business. Niche Marketing, Were Is It, is also designed as an easy to use reference guide to a selection of free research tools, where to find them, how to use them and the data that each of them displays.

The displayed researches are for example purposes only and not to be construed as an actual niche market that may or may not be profitable.

Further details are available at:

Oze Parrot :-)

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