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Crohn’s Disease – The Vitamin D Connection

Posted by Oze Parrot on 28th October 2007

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease depend on the location and extent of the infection. Crohn’s disease can infect any area of the intestinal tract from the mouth to the anus, although the disease generally strikes the small intestine. Initial symptoms of the disease are abdominal pain, internal bleeding, diarrhea, constipation and weight loss. Advanced stages of the disease can produce attacks of arthritis, body rashes and eye inflammation.

Vitamin-D TabsThe cause of Crohn’s Disease remains unknown, although there are indications that the disease is caused by a malfunction of the auto immune system and is genetically passed on to an infected person’s descendants. There is no known medical cure for persons afflicted by Crohn’s disease.

Inflammatory bowel disease patients are generally deficient in vitamin D, which indicates that any person who suffers mild symptoms of Crohn’s disease should immediately increase their daily intake of vitamin D. Scientists are not certain if a lack of vitamin D is an underlying cause of Crohn’s disease or in fact the disease causes a vitamin D deficiency, however they do agree that there is a connection between the two.

Vitamin D is naturally absorbed from the sun’s rays by the body’s skin, and is the major source of the vitamin. There are only a few natural foods that contain any significant amounts of vitamin D namely, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna as well as beef liver and egg yolk. Other food sources are those that have been fortified with vitamin D including, fortified milk, margarine and cereals.

In Australia, the main source of vitamin D has been from the sun, although in recent years because of the high incidence of skin cancer and the “Slip, Slop, Slap” advertising campaign, there have been reports of an increase in the number of people with a vitamin D deficiency. For this reason, people are well advised to take vitamin D supplements daily.

Vitamin D supplements are particularly recommended for the elderly, who may be confined indoors, dark skinned people and those that do not regularly exercise outdoors. A lack of vitamin D can result in developing rickets or osteomalacia, a condition that affects the strength of the body’s bones.

Maintaining an adequate level of Vitamin D assists our auto immune system to protect our bodies from many ailments, not the least of which, may be Inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease.

Any sufferer of Crohn’s disease, who is taking medication for the condition, would be advised to discuss the benefits of taking vitamin D supplements with the doctor, who can recommend the correct daily dosage for you.

The affects of Crohn’s Disease can most certainly be eased by taking proper medication and an adequate daily supplement of vitamin D.

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Home Business – Freedom or Captivity

Posted by Oze Parrot on 25th October 2007

One of the most compelling aspects of being able to work at home is the acquisition of personal freedom. Freedom from commuting to work, freedom from dull office routines and freedom from being directed by a superior. There are also some restrictions associated with working at home. You will not be able to enjoy the company of fellow workers or join in any social activities provided by an employer. You will be housebound and become part of the daily household routine, without being able to escape to the office or call in at the local.

Home OfficeThere is also an element of loneliness attached to running a home business, even though your family and loved ones are nearby. Working in the seclusion of a home office can affect people that are used to the vibrant pulsation and noise that exists in an outside work zone, in different ways. This is just one of a number of unforeseen, negative aspects of establishing a home business that should be considered.

A new household routine may have to be established to determine your recreational periods, when you might want to mingle with your family, and the times that you must work alone in your home office to concentrate on business. What effect, working alone has, depends entirely on the individual and mostly applies to an online business where your only companions are a phone, fax and computer.

Establishing an online business can also involve other negative aspects such as lack of proper exercise, becoming withdrawn and becoming preoccupied with business related issues. It is not unusual for a dedicated, online business owner to sit at a computer for twelve hours a day or more, to study, research a variety of subjects or write software code, as well as handle e-mail enquiries and post promotional material.

Any person who is considering opening a home, online business venture must set aside time for exercise, socializing and family activities before he takes the plunge. The very idea of working at home is to improve your lifestyle, not only financially but socially as well.

Establishing a lucrative online business that requires you to sit at a computer for fourteen hours a day checking stats and counting credits is absolutely worthless if your health fails, you never have the time to relax or you don’t have the time to enjoy the company of your family.

Any successful home business owner has carefully examined the pros and cons of working at home. When making the decision to start your own home business make sure that it is right for you. You must be passionate about your product and devoted to achieving, however you must never forget that your business success is only a stepping stone towards achieving your dream lifestyle, and that is the freedom to travel, enjoy life and spend quality time with your family.

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Establish A Successful Home Business

Posted by Oze Parrot on 14th October 2007

Some of the main benefits attached to starting your own home business are that the starting costs are very small, there is no need to rent or purchase a business premises and there is no need to commute. Now, this does not mean that there are no start up costs. Just because you have a home with power, a phone, a study and good neighbors does not mean instant business address.

Office DancingThe very first thing to do is check with your local government authority to determine whether or not they allow people to conduct a commercial operation from their homes, and if so, is a registration fee applicable. Once official approval has been granted for your business application the next step is to establish your business address at the local post office.

Your home business premises does not encompass the entire household. Your home office should be private from the house, yet accessible to the public via a separate entrance. Visitors should be afforded basic facilities, including adequate seating and access to comfort room facilities.

A home office should be well lit, quite and well appointed. There should be enough power points, telephone connections and lighting fixtures to make the facility comfortable and functional for management and customers alike. It is essential that you install a business phone line to your office as well as a fast cable connection for your office computer. The temptation exists to use the home phone for your business activities as well as for social calls, but you would be well advised to have a business phone installed and keep your home phone number private.

Home business start up costs are only a fraction of the cost of establishing a business premises in the commercial center of town, there are no added lease payments to make, no commuting costs and your monthly out goings will be little more than there are at present. Bear this in mind when you are setting up a home office, allow yourself a generous budget to properly establish a competitive business venture and enjoy the benefits of having a limited monthly expenditure.

Market your products effectively and, provided that you are producing quality items that are competitively priced, then your success is assured. By establishing a good name in the marketplace you will become well respected and your home business will develop into a lucrative venture.

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