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Diet Exercise and Blood Pressure

Posted by Oze Parrot on 23rd April 2008

Because of the lifestyle that we lead, many Americans suffer from hypertension, and as the population ages, the ratio of affected persons increases. As many as half of all mature Americans suffer from hypertension, or high blood pressure, which is commonly referred to as the silent killer.

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Blood Pressure CheckThe condition can strike people of all ages and unfortunately, the majority of affected people are unaware that they have high blood pressure, as there are no apparent symptoms. Hypertension is usually detected during a regular medical check up, or while being examined for an unrelated matter.

High blood pressure is a serious condition and needs to be brought under control as quickly as possible. People with hypertension risk damage to their vital organs, and are vulnerable to heart attack, stroke and renal failure.

Most experts agree, that by sticking to a healthy diet, eating nutritious foods, limiting the intake of salt, alcohol, coffee and other harmful substances, as well as performing regular daily exercise programs will prevent hypertension.

Exercise The Heart

Regular exercise stimulates the body’s blood vessels by increasing the circulation of blood, and improving the heart’s supply of oxygen. When the heart muscle receives an adequate supply of oxygen, it causes the heart to function correctly, and greatly reduces the risk of a heart attack.

A moderate daily exercise program is far more beneficial than a strenuous exercise session that is undertaken once a week or once a month. Vigorous exercise sessions are not a cure all for blood pressure or heart disease, even accomplished athletes have succumbed to these conditions.

Cause of Hypertension

Hypertension is generally caused by personal neglect. Researchers have found that in certain cases there are genetic links to affected persons, but by and large most cases are attributed to a poor diet, obesity and physical neglect. Of course, there are other ailments, such as poor kidney performance that contribute to high blood pressure.

A substantial diet and regular exercise seem to be the best preventative measure for the disorder. Indeed, weight loss through a regular exercise program is an excellent way to begin looking after your body. Researchers have found that being overweight will increase the risk of developing hypertension.

Before commencing an exercise program consult your doctor, even if for no other reason than to have your blood pressure checked.

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Fast Action Vitamins In Liquid Form

Posted by Oze Parrot on 20th April 2008

Essential vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body in a number of ways, by eating nutritious food, through the skin from the sun, or by taking vitamin supplements to insure that the body receives an adequate daily supply. Most supplements are packaged in tablet or capsule form, however they can be obtained in liquid form, and taken as a tonic. There are certain advantages of taking vitamins in liquid form, which far outweigh any disadvantages.

Liquid Vitamins are Ideal for Children

Liquid Vitamin Supplementkids will readily accept liquid vitamins when mixed with a flavored drink, whereas they may have difficulty in swallowing tablets, even when crushed. There are numerous cases where children reject taking tablets because they have problems with choking, and when the tabs are crushed they taste yucky.

There are a number of adults that also have difficulty taking solids and prefer to take their vitamin requisites in liquid form.

Liquid Vitamins are Fast Acting

Because of it’s fluid form, liquid vitamins can be introduced immediately into the blood stream, where the absorption rate is over 90%. Liquid vitamins are much more concentrated than vitamin tablets and will provide a greater therapeutic benefit.

Antioxidants and Liquid Vitamins

Vitamins A, C, and E are examples of antioxidants, which are commonly found in vitamin supplements, but are these antioxidants found in liquid vitamins?

Well, in order to be effective, liquid vitamins must contain antioxidants. The body does not generate the most important antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E so an adequate supply of these essential nutrients must be absorbed daily, either from our food or by supplement. Antioxidants aid the immune system and are our best defense against cancer.

Digesting Liquid Vitamins

The body’s digestive system will process a liquid vitamin more easily than a tablet. A vitamin in tablet form has to be digested completely before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and become effective. By the time it is processed in the stomach, only about thirty percent of a vitamin tablet will actually benefit the body. Liquid vitamins generally provide an easier solution for the digestive system and more than 90% of a vitamins value will be introduced directly into the body.

The digestive system does not function to destroy vitamins and minerals, it actually transforms them into essential nutrients that can be used by the body to improve our health and vitality.

The choice between taking liquid or solid vitamin supplements is entirely up to the individual. The most important thing, is to be sure that the recommended quota of essential vitamins are taken daily, so one may enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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