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Manual Traffic Exchange Traffic

Posted by Oze Parrot on April 14th, 2007

An extremely good flow of Traffic can be obtained by using Manual Traffic Exchanges, or TE’s. This is an ideal way for newbies to start promoting their profile, product or web site, as this method of advertising is very affordable, even free, if one chooses not to upgrade. All it takes is a little effort and by spending 15-30 minutes of your time 3 or 4 days a week surfing for credits.

Traffic FlowThere are many Manual Traffic Exchange programs to be found on the net, most of them operate along the same lines, that is; a surfer views a site for a predetermined time, either 10, 20 or 30 seconds then clicks on to the next site, and so on.

In return for viewing a number of sites, the surfer will have his site viewed by other surfers at a ratio of 2:1, so for every 2 sites viewed the surfer will have his site displayed once to other surfers.

It is a good idea to join several TEs to broaden your range of potential visitors, as well as to familiarize your self with the various methods that are used by different Traffic Exchange programs.

Which TEs should I join?

Well, that is really a matter of personal preference although there are a few basics that should be considered, like the surfing ratio, cost to upgrade and service provided.

One of my favourite TEs is: Traffic Exchange

The script is excellent, there are no hoops to jump through, no silly games to play, which only interrupt your surfing, no frame breakers, no Trojans and very good service. Just click on your surfing link, start surfing and receive your hits.

You will find other reputable TEs promoted on this Exchange, so it shouldn’t be too long before you become a member of 8 or 10 Traffic Exchanges and sort out the most suitable ones for you to work with. It is best to steer clear of those TEs that constantly display frame breakers or Trojans and don’t deliver your Hits. Always track your pages to make sure that you are receiving your hits.

Please, don’t expect a flood of Traffic overnight from the TEs, because that is not going to happen. People have got to get used to seeing your pages and get to know the person behind them. You must promote yourself and your image as well as your product. This all takes time, in the mean time, experiment with your pages, make sure that they load quickly and are aimed to capture the viewers attention. Your persistence will be rewarded with an ever increasing flow of Traffic from the Manual Traffic Exchanges.

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Oze Parrot :-)

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