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Acupuncture Therapy Controls Weight

Posted by Oze Parrot on December 15th, 2007

According to a recent report released by the World Health Organization, there are over one billion overweight people throughout the world, and 30 percent of these are said to be obese. This represents a 300 percent increase in the rate of obesity during the past three decades. People that are overweight place themselves in a position where they are more prone to chronic diseases, including cancer. Lack of exercise and a desire for sweet, fatty foods are major reasons for persons becoming overweight.

Acupuncture TherapyMany people, have come to realize that being overweight can lead to physical problems, and decide to make an effort to control their weight before it becomes a major problem. By eating nutritious meals and adopting a strict diet, one’s weight can be stabilized, however for people on the go, this is not so easy to put into practice. Busy individuals, pursuing a career, have a problem with finding the time to manage their diet or to exercise properly, making them prone to developing a paunch and becoming obese.

Chinese medicine, has been practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese people as a reliable and effective means of healing their bodies from injuries, disease and common ailments. In recent times, the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, which includes acupuncture and a host of natural herbal remedies, has spread worldwide. Many practitioners of this ancient Chinese art are using acupuncture and herbal therapy to treat patients that have a weight problem.

Chinese medicine can help people to control their weight without the use of drugs or diet pills. Acupuncture therapy can greatly reduce stress levels, increase energy levels and stop the craving for fatty foods. The treatment will bring about a feeling of well being by allowing the free flow of qi, improving circulation and relieving pain. Improved respiration, better eating habits and regular sleeping patterns are all effects of this natural Chinese therapy.

There are many acu-points on the body that can be used to treat obesity and weight problems. The acupuncturist will determine the specific points to be used by discussing the problem with the patient. Auricular therapy may be used to improve the digestive system, curb one’s craving for fatty food and reduce stress levels. It may also be used to detoxify and relax the body.

It is important to consult an experienced practitioner, who will perform a preliminary examination and discuss at length, details of your present diet, addictions, medications and any health problems that may exist. By collating the given information, your acupuncturist will be able to conduct a certain course of treatment and prescribe natural herbal tonics that will restore your health and manage your weight.

If you are obese, or simply overweight, and need help to control your eating habits without diet pills, or reduce weight without exhausting exercise routines, then acupuncture therapy may be just right for you.

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