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Acupuncture Therapy For Breast Cancer

Posted by Oze Parrot on December 22nd, 2007

Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in women, and of the 1.2 million people in the world that have been diagnosed with the disease, nearly 40 percent of them will die from the condition. According to the American Cancer Society, 180,000 cases of breast cancer are expected in the United States this year, and approximately 40,000 of those affected are not expected to survive.

Acupuncture HerbalWomen of all ages risk developing breast cancer, although women over 50 years of age represent three quarters of all women diagnosed with the condition. The incidence of breast cancer in men is much lower than it is in women with approximately 2,000 cases expected to be diagnosed in men this year, of which, about 400 will die.

The most common treatment for breast cancer is surgical removal of lumps in the breast that contain cancer cells, or the complete removal of the infected breast. Radiation therapy is also used to remove the existence of any microscopic cancer cells that may have been left behind following a lumpectomy operation.

Because the practice of Acupuncture has spread to most parts of the world, and has been proven as an effective treatment for most health problems, many people that have been diagnosed with breast cancer are turning to this alternative therapy for relief.

Acupuncture is a mainstay of Chinese medicine, which has been employed by the Chinese people for over five thousand years to treat injury, pain and disease. Practitioners of this ancient art use extremely fine needles to puncture the body’s skin at specific points, in order to release blockages in the body’s energy channels, called meridians. This treatment restores the free flow of qi and allows energy to circulate to all parts of the body, thus relieving painful symptoms and their cause.

Acupuncture isn’t used as a treatment for cancer per se, it is however, extensively used for the relief of the symptoms of cancer, as well as for the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It is also used as a natural treatment for post operative nausea and stress. Acupressure treatment has also been proven to ease respiratory problems in patients with advanced symptoms of breast cancer.

An experienced acupuncturist will assess each patient individually to determine the best course of treatment for each particular patient. The practitioner may elect to treat you in conjunction with your doctor’s treatment or wait until after regular treatment has been completed.

The Chinese view the body as a whole and their medicine works to restore the free flow of qi, which in turn balances the entire body, mentally, physically and emotionally by relieving stress, easing pain and giving the patient a general feeling of wellbeing.

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